Now is Time to Take Advantage of End of the Year Insurance Benefits, Says Brentwood Dentist

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Nov. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The dental care team at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry is reminding patients to take advantage of their end of the year insurance benefits. Dental insurance benefits do not roll over from year to year; consequently, patients who delay procedures may end up paying more the next year for care because they will max out their benefits and get stuck footing the bill for out-of-pocket expenses. Spreading procedures out over a six-month period that overlaps two different years is one way to minimize out-of-pocket expenses and keep care affordable.

Cool Springs Laser Dentistry announced that the dental practice is offering a free "insurance check" to help patients better maximize their best dental insurance benefits before the year is over. This insurance checkup is designed to minimize costs associated with routine checkups and basic dental care, such as cavity filings, as well as more advanced procedures like root canals.

"Patients who do not take advantage of their yearly allowance may end up paying more out of pocket next year for necessary work," cautioned Dr. Rice. "Many dental insurance plans cap the amount of dental benefits that are available each year. Failing to maximize these benefits in any given year is the equivalent to leaving money on the table. Our dental insurance check-up is a complementary service to help patients better understand the benefits that are currently available to them."

For patients who require more expensive procedures, one option is to spread these procedures out between two different years. For example, an appointment in November followed by one in January may help defer costs by preventing benefits from being maxed out. Patients should speak with their insurance company about specific dental benefits questions.

Cool Springs Laser Dentistry is currently affiliated with the following networks: Care PPO, Delta Dental Premier, and the Dental Health Alliance. Cool Spring Laser Dentistry can also file as an out of network provider at no additional cost to patients. Additionally, the practice also offers financing and payment plans.

"We understand that even the cost of basic care can be prohibitive for some of our patients," said Dr. Rice. "This is why we work closely with insurance companies to ensure that everyone can afford the care that they deserve."

The practice also makes it a point to inform all patients of the exact cost for treatment before each procedure is conducted so patients do not experience "sticker shock" when they receive a bill.

"Pricing transparency and quality, affordable care are hallmarks of our practice," said Dr. Rice.

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