Wedbush Securities Announces Relationship with Bitcoin Trading Platform, Buttercoin

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wedbush Securities, one of the nation's leading financial services providers, announced its relationship with Bitcoin trading platform, Buttercoin, to advance the firm's capital markets capabilities in cryptocurrency technologies. Further developing the relationship, Wedbush has made an undisclosed investment in Buttercoin and is utilizing the platform's technology and capabilities. Buttercoin provides a reliable domestic Bitcoin marketplace that is foundational to the US Bitcoin ecosystem and offers users an easy, safe, and fast trading experience.

"We are impressed with Buttercoin in many regards notably that it provides reliable, trustworthy and excellent trade execution, and most importantly that it has a US banking relationship" said Sheri Kaiserman, Head of Equities, Wedbush Securities. "We see cryptocurrency technology as disruptive to the financial services industry as the internet was to communications."

Wedbush was recognized as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space earlier this year when it became the first financial institution to publish on Bitcoin and surrounding cryptocurrency technology topics and began accepting Bitcoin payments for this research. By joining with Buttercoin, the firm looks forward to expanding its presence in digital currency and broadening its capabilities within the Bitcoin marketplace.

Gil Luria, Managing Director, Wedbush Securities, has published research reports including "Bitcoin: Intrinsic Value as Conduit for Disruptive Payment Network Technology" (December 1, 2013), "Digitizing Trust: Leveraging the Bitcoin Protocol Beyond the Coin" (January 2, 2014), "Watch the Innovation, Not the Price." (February 18, 2014), "Timing and Sizing the Era of Bitcoin" (May 27, 2014) and "Embracing Volatility – Trading as Bitcoin's First Killer App" (August 2014). For more information please contact the Wedbush Equity Research team at (213) 688-4529.

Wedbush Equity Research offers in-depth and differentiated research coverage across the consumer, life sciences, technology and industrial growth sectors. The team, comprised of 20 publishing analysts, generates timely, insightful analyses and the firm's award-winning Wedbush Best Ideas List, an actively monitored compilation of stock ideas identifying outperformance trends over the forward 6 to 12 month period. Wedbush Equity Research consistently ranks among the industry's leading performance surveys including Barron's and Zacks Investment Research's "Top Stock Picking Firm," Financial Times' "Top Analysts," Institutional Investor's "Rising Stars of Wall Street Research," Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Street," and StarMine's "Analyst Awards for Excellence.

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