Alameda Health System Awarded $10 Million Grant From The Atlantic Philanthropies

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alameda Health System (AHS) announced the receipt of a $10 million dollar grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, one of the largest private foundations in the country. The three-year grant will enable AHS to build upon its existing youth education and development programs focused on introducing disadvantaged youth and young adults in Oakland to careers in health care.

"Through the support of The Atlantic Philanthropies, we will expand our workforce development activities that promote health care careers in the community and public health institutions in Oakland," said AHS' Interim CEO Daniel Boggan, Jr. "We are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities at Highland Hospital and our wellness centers. This grant allows us to strengthen our partnership with the Oakland Unified School District and Alameda County's Health Care Services Agency and continue our work together to develop youth throughout our community."

With these new funds, existing programs based at AHS's Highland Hospital and Trauma Center in East Oakland will be expanded. These include the Health Excellence and Academic Leadership (HEAL) Program, an internship for Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) middle and high school students, and the Mentoring in Medicine & Science (MIMS) Program, which provides internships for OUSD high school and East Bay college students. Both programs support OUSD's Linked Learning initiative by connecting the academic curriculum with real-world experiences.

The grant will also strengthen AHS' partnership with Alameda County's Health Care Services Agency's (ACHCSA's) Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Health Coach training programs which provide health career training opportunities for young adults from low-income backgrounds.

"This grant will be truly transformational for our youth and our community, and will build on Alameda Health System's long tradition as a teaching institution," said Alameda Health System Foundation's Chair Josefina Baltodano.

The grant funds will be administered by AHS' nonprofit fundraising entity, Alameda Health System Foundation. The Foundation's President, Debra Barnes, added, "The Foundation is very proud of the work that led to obtaining this grant. The expanded program will have a positive impact on young people in Oakland who receive training within the community. AHS patients will benefit from these well-trained professionals who are personally invested in caring for our community. In addition, this investment and others like it enable AHS to advance its mission of 'Caring, Healing, Teaching, Serving All' regardless of their social or economic status."

About Alameda Health System (AHS)

Alameda Health System, a major public health care provider headquartered in Oakland, California, is recognized as a world-class patient and family centered system of care with more than 4,500 employees, 1,000 physicians and 480 volunteers. Their facilities include Highland Hospital, a major regional trauma center and teaching hospital; Alameda Hospital, an acute care facility providing emergency, in-patient and outpatient services in Alameda; San Leandro Hospital, which provides emergency and in-patient hospital care services; John George Psychiatric Hospital, an acute and emergency care facility in San Leandro; Fairmont Hospital, an acute rehabilitation hospital and skilled nursing facility, also in San Leandro; and four ambulatory wellness centers in Oakland as well as in Newark and Hayward.

About Atlantic Philanthropies

The Atlantic Philanthropies are dedicated to bringing about lasting changes in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Atlantic is a limited life foundation that will complete grant making in 2016. To learn more, please visit:


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