Outstanding Achievements in Energy Efficiency Awarded by the Association of Energy Services Professionals

PHOENIX, Feb. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Association of Energy Services Professionals (www.aesp.org) recognized outstanding energy efficiency programs at its 25th National Conference and Expo held February 9 – 12, 2015 in Orlando, FL. "The award recipients have created innovative and measurably effective programs that have led to energy savings and reduced pressure on the grid," said Suzanne Jones, VP of Marketing of AESP. "We are pleased to recognize these game-changing programs that demonstrate leadership in moving the industry forward and drive energy users toward smarter methods of consumption." AESP presented awards in seven categories along with two special award presentations:

Winner: AEP Ohio
Program: Community Energy Savers Pilot Program

The AEP Ohio Community Energy Savers Pilot Program works with selected communities to develop implementation strategies to encourage community residents and businesses to participate in and benefit from AEP Ohio's existing energy efficiency programs. The AEP Ohio Community Energy Savers Program has yielded impressive results during the pilot period. To date, 2,518 people have participated in the Pilot, representing a 289% increase over baseline, and two communities are still actively engaged in recruitment.

Contact: Sherry Hubbard sjhubbard@aep.com

Winner: Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. – CDM Business Marketing
Program: Toronto Hydro Energy Experts Campaign

The Energy Experts campaign addresses the barriers to entry for business sector conservation programs. These programs offer financial incentives for replacing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment across all business segments. Toronto Hydro took the initiative to assign their account people, the "Energy Experts," to specific business and industrial sectors and made their direct contact information a key component in much of the campaign. Net results: For the year, a total of 2,032 incentive submissions in business/industrial, up significantly from 1,657. This represents a gain of 22.6%.

Contact: Andy Strote astrote@contextcreative.com

Winner: FortisBC
Program: The Empower Me Program

Empower Me, developed by FortisBC, is an energy savings program designed and based on the motivations, drivers and needs of ethnic minority groups. This program is being delivered in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada, and specifically targets the city's South Asian and Chinese communities. Empower Me is designed to leverage a peer-modeling and local champion ambassador design to encourage energy saving action within each of the target communities. The program is designed to empower community members so that over time, the energy saving message will spread virally throughout their community.

Contact: Leanne Sallenback Leanne.Sallenback@fortisbc.com

Winner: New York City Mayor's Office of Sustainability and the Environmental Defense Fund
Program: NYC Clean Heat Program

The goal of the NYC Clean Heat Program was to achieve a 50% reduction of the aggregated PM 2.5 emissions from all buildings burning No. 4 and No. 6 fuel oil a year ahead of the first compliance deadline. The Program achieved the goal by leveraging hard data within a soft‐touch outreach approach. The New York City Mayor's Office of Sustainability and the Environmental Defense Fund provided the program with data for every building affected by the regulation. The program has demonstrated a number of innovative concepts in program design and delivery and proven that markets can be transformed without over‐reliance on incentives or marketing.

Contact: Kim Dragoo Kimberly.Dragoo@icfi.com

Winner: People Power
Program: Presence Pro Energy Program for Oahu Residents

The Presence Pro Energy Program for Oahu uses technology to help residents lower their monthly energy consumption. Through a combination of an app, Monster Central smart plugs, and historical energy data, residents have tools at their disposal to make lifestyle changes that affect their energy use, which is in turn reflected on their energy bills. People Power is working to create energy conscious consumers. The end goal of this program, alongside saving money, is to foster a sense of energy responsibility among Hawaii residents, who place great value in the beauty and preservation of their islands.

Contact: Gene Wang gene@peoplepowerco.com

Winner: NV Energy
Program: mPowered Home Energy Management Program

mPowered is a residential home energy management service that combines Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR) providing significant energy savings for customers and a large and growing dispatchable DR resource for the utility. mPowered was launched in October 2012 and had grown into a full scale program by the end 2013 with 14,500 customers participating and 21,000 thermostats installed. To date those numbers have grown to more than 23,000 customers and 35,000 thermostats. The mPowered program reduced summer peak load requirements by more than 4kW per home and 2.7 kW per thermostat.

Contact: John Steinberg john@ecofactor.com

Winner: Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana
Program: Smart Thermostat Program

Studies show that many do not fully utilize the functions of the programmable thermostats. Vectren implemented an independent thermostat pilot program that tested whether implementing next generation NEST thermostats would help eliminate the need for complicated programming and therefore yield greater savings. From this study, research entities and program administrators will now have a better understanding of next generation thermostat savings potential and more concrete evidence to recommend NEST thermostats in DSM program offerings.

Contact: Rina Harris rharris@vectren.com

Winner: Jamie Lalos, Fiveworx

Jamie began her career in the energy services industry in 2002, at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Starting as intern, she quickly ascended into a staff position where she oversaw the Keep Cool Air Conditioner Replacement Program, a program that became a model for the now-commonplace appliance bounty programs. Jamie's management of the $30 million program – one of the industry's most high profile programs of its time – helped turn it into an award-winning program design, receiving numerous awards from ACEEE and ENERGY STAR®, and setting the standard for appliance turn-in program design. Since then, Jamie has gone on to manage numerous award-winning marketing efforts recognized by AESP, ACEEE, ENERGY STAR, E Source, and the Telly. Before joining her most recent venture, Fiveworx, Jamie spent the last six years managing energy efficiency marketing and evaluation programs in Cadmus' energy services division.

Contact: Jamie Lalos Jamie@fiveworx.com

Winner: Vicki Nichols, Georgia Power

Vicki Nichols, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, at Georgia Power received the Association of Energy Services Professionals' (AESP) highest honor, the B.H. Prasad Award, at AESP's 25th National Conference being held this week in Orlando, FL. The B. H. Prasad award is named for a former chair of AESP and recognizes a member's outstanding contribution to AESP. "Vicki received the recognition for her volunteer work for AESP, including her service on many committees, as well as serving on the AESP Board in numerous officer positions. "Vicki's contributions to AESP are immeasurable; she has been a tireless advocate for our members; and she works tirelessly to promote AESP and the energy efficiency industry," said Jones.

The Association of Energy Services Professionals (www.aesp.org) provides professional development programs, a network of energy practitioners, and promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience. Our members work in the energy services industry and represent electric and natural gas utilities, public benefits associations, regulatory and non-profit entities, vendors, manufacturers and consulting firms. Founded in 1989, AESP is a member-based association dedicated to improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency, energy management and distributed renewable resources. AESP provides professional development programs, a network of energy practitioners, and promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience.



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