Musician and Dancer Form Enchanting Duet

"Dance Moms" Star Chloe Lukasiak Partners with Chicago Singer-songwriter Jess Godwin in Music Video "Fool Me Once"

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Dance Moms" star Chloe Lukasiak and Chicago singer-songwriter Jess Godwin combine solo talents to create a striking duet that balances the artistry of dance and music in a new music video that makes its worldwide debut today:

While there's often a mystical appeal to solo performances in dance and in music, this new video captures that rare moment when two exceptional soloists join together to compose a duet that balances the artistry of each discipline.
Godwin's original composition, "Fool Me Once," is a take on the classic theme of unrequited love."It's about becoming so completely intoxicated with a person who doesn't have your best interests at heart. You repeatedly set yourself up to get hurt" says Godwin, "until you find the strength to acknowledge the truth and move on."
Godwin is a Chicago performer who has recently turned her songwriting attentions towards service work and storytelling. Her current project, The Godwin Anthology, is a 12-part series; each chapter is dedicated to an important person in her life.
Godwin's ballad, "Fool Me Once," was licensed to the Lifetime's "Dance Moms" last fall. "There is something special about the song that I can't explain from the first time I heard it," recounts Lukasiak.
"I felt a special connection to Chloe the minute I met her," says Godwin. The best part of the shoot was watching her heart and talent shine through every take."
Beyond music, Godwin is a humanitarian and voice teacher whose passion, she says, is centered on "helping kids Chloe's age to find hope and confidence though the arts." Godwin and Chloe's work together provided the support that Chloe needed to change directions in her career and develop herself as an independent artist.
Thirteen-year old Chloe Lukasiak has been dancing since the age of two at a studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began competition dance at the age of four. Lukasiak has been dancing professionally since she was cast on the Lifetime hit show, "Dance Moms."
"I have been trained for every style of dance and I have learned choreography to every imaginable genre of music," says Lukasiak. "I have learned how to add emotion into every piece I perform, but Jess' song is different in that the song's passion delivered its own feeling into the dance."
Godwin selected Lukasiak as the featured dancer in this music video premier of her song, "Fool Me Once." "Many impeccable dancers have performed this piece," says Godwin, "but Chloe lends an individual artistry of movement to the song that is undeniably honest and genuine, and exceptionally beautiful."
Chloe Lukasiak's performance was choreographed by Kyle Hanagami, with videography by renown music video director Brazil of BTB Creative at

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