Robert Nash Launches "ALIVE ALOE" Drinks Foods, an Exclusive Worldwide Nutrition Distribution Company

NEW YORK, March 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ALIVE ALOE – New Whole Bodies, Drinks Foods ("The Company") a New York Company - announced their Company Launch today. Franchising and Partner Distributorships are now available worldwide.

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About ALIVE ALOE: Introducing its unique "one of a kind" products; Organic 20X Enzymatic Enhanced Concentrated Cold Processed Extract Formula and Organic Aloe, Maize, Safflower Oil Capsules with no GMOs. Our Concentrated Enhanced Extract, which is a proprietary unique process; includes Aloe ingredients having longtime FDA (GRAS) status. It is filled with all natural essential vitamins, nutrients, trace minerals, amino acids, EFAs and much more. Our Aloe Oil Extract Capsules are a proprietary process and unique source of natural vegetable base. They provide EFAs necessary to support a quality metabolism and mild daily cleansing. They also assist with oiling and supporting the intestinal tract, joints and provide many other benefits. Support for the IMMUNE SYSTEM, with complete daily VITA-NUTRIENTS, encourages our body's natural design for assistance in fighting infections, cell growth, blood cleansing, exchange of oxygen-water, circulation, mobility from head-to-toe and pure all natural energy – each and every day; without the intake of sugars, preservatives or caffeine. Our products are one of the highest formulated levels of cold Aloe concentrate extracts and Aloe oil capsules in the world.

"In recent years, while researching a future HEALTHY fast food concept, I discovered the incredible and mostly unknown benefits of the Aloe Vera plant. In our opinion, ALIVE ALOE will change the world for people needing easy complete daily VITA-NUTRITION+. Imagine buying both supplements for about the cost of a cup of coffee and donut per day. The Aloe plant, we believe, is the most proactive nutritional all-encompassing plant in the world. ALIVE ALOE is anticipated to be transferred under Nash Holdings in the future," stated Robert Nash, the Majority Managing Private Partner of ALIVE ALOE and President & CEO of Nash Holdings, Inc.

Our supply chain, formulators and partners have a combined 100+ years of clinical and scientific leadership in Aloe. The expertise includes: professorships, upper graduate education in pharmacology, human anatomy, physiology, drug and alcohol abuse with minor graduate studies in chemistry and mathematics.

"ALIVE ALOE whole drinks and foods will be marketed to grocery stores, restaurants-cafes, c-stores, and athletic clubs, and related. Our future corporate and franchised retail locations will be branded as "ALIVE ALOE CAFES" with Aloe based waters, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, lemonades, ice-hot teas, desserts-cold soups-gazpachos, gelatos, yogurts, puddings, ice creams, gelatins, muffins, energy bars and other whole vita-nutritional products, very health oriented," stated Frank Follette, President, Restaurant Development, Nash Holdings, Inc.

"Partnering with worldwide accredited distributors obtaining ALIVE ALOE Exclusive Distributor Rights we are currently activating North and South America, Asia and Europe. We will work with the U.S. Department of Trade & Development Agency to jumpstart our worldwide markets. We will include Sabine Balve, Founder of World Leaders Forum Dubai, targeting world health and nutritional programs. Other opportunities will include ALIVE ALOE Independent Business Franchisee Affiliates (IFBAs) marketing to consumers with a One Level traditional sales approach; (not an MLM or a large scale systematic scheme) with anticipated future stock share and stock option programs as a big bonus. Partnering with VIP Investor Partners, athletic spokespersons and related. We will develop addition 'ready to go bottled drinks and packaged foods' with ALIVE ALOE based waters combined Aloe juice drinks-foods for easy retail store purchasing by consumers; nutritional branding, consistent value, sustainability and future philanthropy is key to our current and future profitable success," stated Nash

"Our products do not contain any unnatural preservatives, GMOs, and have no known allergens. Aloe, one of the only four foods-liquids that can be 100% ABSORBED in our stomachs, makes the Aloe plant unique indeed. People will be surprisingly amazed at what our products will deliver to maintain a quality healthy vita-nutritional energetic lifestyle. With our formulating partners we will create a future 100X ALIVE ALOE Enzyme Enhanced Concentrate Cold Processed Extract Formula, with our combined passion to help and assist others in becoming healthier. Our business plan includes marketing to consumers WORLDWIDE who desire complete daily health and nutritional products the easy way. THE HEALTHIEST THING YOU WILL EVER SWALLOW," stated Nash.

About Nash Holdings: Our foundation is in commercial real estate development anchored in food, beverage, hospitality and entertainment.  In 2015 the Company has launched "Business Consulting Services" for restaurant owners, targeting mom & pops, IT Security Protection, Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (CSRLive), Architectural Design & Development Services and ALIVE ALOE and new merger with METZ (Media Electronic Theft Zapper). Nash Holdings is one of the first companies in America to participate in the U.S. Congressional Federal JOBS ACT and file its Regulation D, 506C "General Solicitation" with the U.S. SEC. Nash Holdings was a 2014 and a 2015 Featured Gold Company Member with (CRA) Corporate Responsibility Association and its Annual Commit!Forum, events, predominately Fortune 500 CEO/Executives, held partially and in past at the NYSE EURONEXT including "Closing Bell Ceremonies" a couple times each year. Nash presently is a Corporate CRA Member and since 2011.

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