Nichols Chiropractic Announces iTrac Therapy for Headache & TMJ Pain Relief

MANHATTAN, Kan., March 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nichols Chiropractic is now offering iTrac Therapy for treating headaches, neck pain, back pain and TMJ pain. Manhattan KS chiropractor Dr. Jarrod Nichols says that this therapy is especially effective for addressing pain caused by forward head posture. This posture is estimated to affect 8 out of 10 individuals and has a direct impact on headache symptoms, according to Dr. Nichols. iTrac Therapy may help to correct this head posture and eliminate headaches at the source.

Headaches are one of the most common ailments affecting men and women, with 90 percent of men and 95 percent of women experiencing headaches, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders. Part of this problem may be a forward head posture, according to Manhattan KS chiropractor Dr. Jarrod Nichols, who owns Nichols Chiropractic.

"Eight out of 10 individuals with headaches are experiencing this pain because of a forward head posture," said Dr. Nichols. "Forward head posture causes increased stress and strain on the muscles, ligaments and discs in the cervical spine, which makes the neck more vulnerable to injury and dysfunction."

iTrac Therapy Protocols are designed to restore the normal posture of the head and neck, eliminating a source of pain, says Dr. Nichols. The chiropractor recommends iTrac Therapy for patients with headaches, neck pain, back pain, and TMJ pain.

"iTrac therapy is one of the most sophisticated cervical lordotic traction systems currently available for restoring lost cervical curvature due to a forward head posture," said Dr. Nichols. "At my practice, I have found that iTrac Therapy is extremely helpful for patients with headache pain, neck pain, TMJ pain and even back pain. Forward head posture increases stress and can cause serious neck vulnerabilities and dysfunction. By correcting this posture, we address pain at the source."

Dr. Nichols says the treatment may be especially effective for individuals with TMJ pain who otherwise can struggle to find effective treatment options. TMJ pain affects more than 40 percent of the population. The most frequent symptom is pain in the back of the head (occipital cephalgia) and forward head posture. Forward head posture can change an individual's natural occlusion (biting pattern), leading to increased stress on the joints and exacerbating underlying joint dysfunction.

"For patients with TMJ pain, iTrac Therapy can be truly life changing," said Dr. Nichols. "Many TMJ therapies provide only temporary pain relief. iTrac Therapy, however, is designed to address the root trigger for TMJ pain – the forward head posture – and consequently, it provides long-lasting relief."

In addition to iTrac Therapy, Nichols Chiropractic offers Active Release Technique (ART) for soft tissue injury rehabilitation and pain management and the Webster Technique for prenatal chiropractic care.

"We are proud to offer a variety of innovative chiropractic adjustment techniques," said Dr. Nichols.

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