Stephen Curry, Shaquille O'Neal Lead NBA Playoff Memes Says Doublie Report

Doublie, maker of a popular iPhone app, today released a report examining the top 17 memes from over 10,000 created during the NBA playoffs. Stephen Curry led all players with four memes totaling 87 remixes.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Doublie, home of a popular iPhone app that allows users to remix images and create their own memes on the go, today released a report examining the top 17 NBA playoff meme storylines circulated on social media. Stephen Curry, whose Golden State Warriors will face the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, led all players with four unique meme storylines totaling 87 remixes (variations on the initial image).

The Full Report

LeBron James was the subject of a pair of unique meme storylines totaling 27 remixes, as were James Harden (Houston Rockets; 80 total remixes) and Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls; 45 total remixes). Paul Pierce (Washington Wizards) led all single-storyline players with 24 remixes.

Retired player Shaquille O'Neal was the subject of the most viral meme with 91 remixes based on an incident when he tripped and fell during a live broadcast of the TNT network's NBA playoffs coverage. O'Neal tweeted a humorous take on the image shortly after the incident and encouraged social media users to remix it, which helped spur its popularity.

Harden was second with 71 remixes of a meme based on a "curse" put on him by rapper Lil B, while Curry was third with 39 remixes of the scary fall he took in a playoff game. Rose landed in the fourth slot as social media users produced 30 remixes of his emotionless face after sinking a game-winning shot and Pierce had 24 remixes of the meme based on his nickname, "The Truth."

"The NBA playoffs have produced some tantalizing storylines, and always-creative social media users have risen to the occasion with a variety of memes that comment on the action," said Doublie CEO Shane Walker. "We've had heroes and villains, along with an oddly placid reaction to a game-winning shot and a retired player taking a live pratfall in good stride. We can't wait to see what the NBA Finals have to offer."

Doublie's report is available from its web site. It contains complete in-depth data, including charts that may be reproduced and full descriptions of all 17 NBA playoff meme storylines.

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Doublie is the remix layer for mobile, building a single platform to create, edit, and remix media on the go. The company currently offers an iPhone app, with an Android version planned for release later in 2015.

Doublie seeks to formalize research into Internet era memes and quantify them by popularity, based on numbers of unique storylines and remixes, so journalists and other interested parties may draw conclusions for their own use.

The company has raised $1.7 million from early investors in YouTube, Uber, Facebook, and Twitter. Three of the four founders are Stanford graduates.

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