Cornerstone Chiropractic Stresses Importance of Sports Chiropractic Care for Summer Sports

EVERETT, Wash., June 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The weather is warming up and that means people are out, about and doing more. For many people in and around Everett, Washington, that means summertime sports, vacation, golf, running and even rigorous gardening and lawn chores. "These activities are great to engage in," advises Dr. Mike Ilyankoff of Cornerstone Chiropractic. He goes on to warn, "Be aware, though, that they can lead to a wide range of injuries such as runner's knee, tennis elbow, back pain and strain, tendinitis and more." When these things happen, Dr. Mike recommends seeing a chiropractor to not only get fast relief, but also to address the underlying issues causing pain.

When sports injuries occur it's important to get the right kind of help. It is one thing to treat or manage the pain, which is what traditional medicine often offers. This is generally done through treatment with pain medications or anti-inflammatory treatments and doesn't address the injury at all.

Chiropractic medicine provides a natural alternative for treatment that addresses the cause of the pain while simultaneously providing some degree of relief for the pain almost immediately. "It usually takes several treatments," Dr. Mike Ilyankoff of Everett, Washington's Cornerstone Chiropractic explains, "to solve the problem completely, but most patients experience some degree of relief in just one visit."

He goes on to indicate that part of chiropractic sports medicine involves teaching exercises to patients that help them prevent aggravating the injuries or having a repeat of the injury in the future. "Learning how to correctly move the body," says Dr. Mike, "helps our patients not only avoid some injuries in the future, but it has also been known to help them improve their golf swings, running speeds and even batting averages."

"There is a long list of sports injuries that can occur as a result of playing sports including concussions, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runners knee, plantar fasciitis, shoulder injuries, the list goes on," says Dr. Mike. "At Cornerstone Chiropractic we use chiropractic medicine to treat all of these injuries and other injuries that are completely unrelated to sports."

Proper chiropractic care soon after the injury occurs helps patients not only find relief from the pain of their injuries, but also allows them to recover faster. This means that patients receiving chiropractic care are able to get back in action on the greens, in the batter's box, or in their gardens at home.

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