Video Release -- Robert Nash Launches the Company, “U DO IT ~ CREDIT FIXER,” With Educational Book & Sales Marketing Plan

NEW YORK, July 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “U DO IT ~ CREDIT FIXER” - a New York Company, announced their Company Launch today including Independent Representative positions and opportunities, now available nationwide.

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About “U DO IT - CREDIT FIXER” (Book & Marketing Plan)Introducing the exclusive “ONE of a KIND” educational book with the following “Table of Contents”:  Get Started - Your Lifetime of CREDIT FIXING Educational Tools, Bad Habits, Your 3 National Credit Bureaus, Ordering Your Free Annual Credit Reports, Reading, Contacting & Updating Your Accounts to Your 3 Credit Bureaus, Negotiating Your Pay Plans, Pay Offs With Collection Companies, Note Taking, Writing Your Letters, Updates to Creditors & Collection Companies, Credit Bureaus, Following Up With Collectors & Credit Bureaus, Updates To Your 3 Credit Bureaus, Joint Credit Accounts With Others, Re-Establishing Or Establishing Your NEW Credit, NEW Loans After Bankruptcy, Foreclosures & Other Related Situations, Quitclaiming Someone Off Your Home Deed - Tools & Example, Bankruptcy - Your Options & Facts, Home Loans With VA/FHA/CONV, Creative Financing, Land Contracts, Rent To Own, Debt To Income Ratios, HUD VA/FHA Foreclosures For Sale, Your Pop Quiz & Answers - Brush-up Section, and Bonus Gift, “ Saving Your Home (and Your Sanity Too)” by David Stewart, an additional free book included within our book.

“Our marketing plan includes marketing to proactive “employers” that actually care about and want to help their “EMPLOYEES”.  For less than taking out “every employee” for “pizza-wing-drinks night” now the employer can purchase our “Commercial Employer Book Pricing” giving each employee a personalized “Thank You” on the front cover of each “employee hardcopy”.   Also, adding representatives with traditional “One Level” sales plan, “NOT a MLM” or marketing sales scheme.   Representatives will earn $25 for each direct sale and the opportunity to build “One Infinite Level of Team Partner Representatives” only, making a “one time” 10% additional bonus on representative “TEAM” sales.  Simple for representatives to understand and for our tracking of “Monthly Representative Sales Transparency Reports”, down to the dollar, no smoke and mirrors”.  U.S. Veterans will receive a 15% discount”.

“In the past, with over 25 years in lending, it is surprising of how many Americans are in the dark with fixing their problem credit problems.  An actual lifetime of tools, our book retails for only $44.95, which we believe the actual value is over a couple hundred dollars.  Many Americans pay and loose hundreds and even thousands of dollars to bogus companies to “remove bad credit” with “rip-off, fly by night frauds”.  You cannot just pay someone to remove problem credit like magic, you have to be proactive, address it, fix it and update all 3 credit bureaus”.  Our goal is to place our book at every national book store shelf, all size grocery-corner stores, and all retail counter tops and on realtors, loan officers, and auto dealer’s desks nationwide.  Basically any American that cares to help fellow Americans with credit problems, housing options and more, while making a little extra income selling our book”.

“Some statistics report about 50% of Americans have credit problems, however, we believe it is higher.  The more Americans earn higher credit scores will make for, a more “financially secure nation of top borrowers”.  I have created, “U DO IT ~ CREDIT FIXER” to “GIVE BACK” to fellow Americans as one of our “National Corporate Economic Social Responsible Causes”.   I believe this will be another successful business model, anticipated to be under Nash Holdings, Inc., in our future.” stated, Robert Nash the Majority Managing Private Partner of “U DO IT ~ CREDIT FIXER” and President / Founder of Nash Holdings, Inc.

About Nash Holdings:  Our foundation is in commercial real estate development with food, beverage, hospitality and entertainment.   In 2015, Nash launched “Alive Aloe – New Whole Bodies, Drinks Foods”, ”Business Consulting Services” for Mom & Pops, National Analytics Sustainability Heuristic Protocol (NASH), CSR Consulting (CSR Live), METZ-Media Electronic Theft Zapper and Architectural Design Services.  “Nash Holdings” is one of the “first national companies” to participate in the “U.S. Congressional Federal JOBS ACT” and “Regulation D, 506C General Solicitation” filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.  Nash Holdings was a 2014 and currently a 2015 “Featured Gold Company Member” with the Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) and its Annual Commit!Forum events, predominately Fortune 500 CEO/Executives, held partially in the past, at the NYSE EURONEXT including “Closing Bell Ceremonies” a couple times each year.  Nash presently is a Corporate CRA Member who joined in 2011.

U DO IT CREDIT FIXER – “The Book & Marketing Plan”   

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