New Genomatica-Cargill Collaboration Will Bring More Renewable Chemicals to Market

MINNEAPOLIS and SAN DIEGO, July 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genomatica and Cargill have entered into a collaboration agreement to accelerate the production of renewable chemicals for industrial applications. The collaboration will give chemical producers, distributors and users access to a reliable, cost-effective source of carbohydrate feedstocks, co-location support services and production partnerships, based on GENO™ process technologies.

The companies will co-market Cargill's feedstock and production services to current and prospective Genomatica licensees, and chemical users and distributors. To further strengthen the companies' collaboration, Cargill made an equity investment in Genomatica and secured rights to make additional investments.

"Cargill's production services give Genomatica an innovative way to accelerate deployment and better serve the chemical industry and needs of our customers," said Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica. "This is a natural complement to the innovation, sustainability and cost-advantaged production enabled by our technologies."

Combining Genomatica's GENO process technologies with Cargill's global strength in carbohydrate feedstock, risk management, operational expertise and readiness to build, own and operate plants worldwide for select customers, has the potential to help the bioeconomy expand more rapidly. "As Cargill continues to strategically expand its presence in the industrial biotechnology space, our collaboration with Genomatica broadens our portfolio of sustainable production solutions," said Cargill Corn Milling Vice President Brian Silvey. "Companies will be able to produce or distribute chemicals used for industrial applications faster, more reliably and more cost-effectively."

Benefits for chemical producers, users and distributors

Industry participants can gain the following benefits:

  • Chemical producer: Producers can get started faster by having a 'ready-to-go,' reliable source for renewable feedstocks; and save time and money by locating next to a Cargill site for additional co-location services and potential production services.
  • Chemical user: Users considering backwards-integration (production of their source chemicals) can now do so faster and more cost-effectively. Or, they can enter a long-term purchase agreement, without having to become a producer.
  • Chemical distributor: Distributors can secure long-term supplies of high-quality, more sustainable products to supply to their customers to use in existing product value chains.

About Genomatica

Genomatica is a widely-recognized technology leader for the chemical industry. It develops manufacturing processes that enable its licensee partners to produce the world's most widely-used chemicals a 'better way,' from alternative feedstocks, with better economics and greater sustainability than petroleum-based processes.

Genomatica has delivered the industry's first commercial biobased process for a high-volume intermediate chemical, BDO. It is also using its bioprocess engineering platform and extensive intellectual property to develop processes for additional chemicals, including butadiene and nylon intermediates.

Genomatica has earned tremendous recognition for its innovation and commercialization track record, including the Kirkpatrick Award, for 'the most noteworthy chemical engineering technology commercialized in the world,' and the 2015 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award.

About Cargill

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and 150 years of experience. We have 152,000 employees in 67 countries who are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where we live and work. For more information, visit and our News Center.


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