SunPort Plugs America Into 100% Solar Energy Without Requiring Purchase of Panels

New Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $75,000 for innovative plug-in device

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., July 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new SunPort Internet of Things (IoT), smart device is bringing the solar energy revolution to an electrical plug near you. Giving people the power to choose renewable energy, SunPort is the world's first smart grid, solar delivery, plug-in device. It allows anyone to instantly use 100% grid-connected solar energy just by plugging it into a common wall socket. Whenever users plug in their devices with the SunPort, the power they use is recorded and automatically upgraded to solar through the company's proprietary smart grid technology.

The SunPort Kickstarter campaign launching today seeks to raise $75,000 for commercial production of the device and development of gamified iPhone and Android mobile apps for end users. Backer levels include pre-orders of production SunPort models and an "Alpha Club" testing team, among others.

"SunPort drives us to think differently about what it means to go solar. It gives anyone the ability to use solar energy without having to own a rooftop or install panels," said SunPort creator Paul Droege. "Since SunPort enables drastically increased personal use of solar, it serves as a new mechanism to create and aggregate demand for solar energy. Our hope is that widespread adoption can increase the value of solar energy to the point it unleashes much more solar development across the country. Even moderate use can show our leaders that people are demanding a shift to renewable sources of energy."

SunPort mimics methods large corporations have used for years to upgrade their energy use to solar and reduce their carbon footprints. SunPort has adapted this process to fit the energy demands, ease of use and affordability preferences of average consumers. With the SunPort they can easily plug into the existing multi-million dollar solar infrastructure network, without owning panels themselves.

"Other industries such as telecommunications have packaged complex, costly technology as an accessible service for consumers," said Droege. "Similarly, by leveraging solar's existing network of infrastructure, SunPort now brings a new level simplicity and affordability to the solar industry."

SunPort's system guarantees new solar energy is fed into the grid, by matching tracked energy usage against solar credits. The system is set up with regular third-party audits that verify matching claims. The solar credits originate from real panels and are certified by a third-party organization for authenticity. As the company further develops its system and apps, transparency features will add greater social and community visibility. The SunPort user community will be able to verify the authenticity of the SunPort's actions and claims directly, while also easily tracking individual and collective impact.

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About SunPort

SunPort makes solar energy easy and affordable with a plug-in smart device and a platform that can bring solar to millions of users, without requiring panel ownership. The platform allows people to use solar energy anytime, anywhere, while also funding nonprofit solar projects through an included dollar-for-dollar match. SunPort's technology has already been used to power music festivals, video productions and high end hotel rooms. The free SunPort app will enable users to engage with each other, discover their impact and share with others to help change how we all use power. To learn more, visit

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