Red Giant Entertainment Signs With Herohelix for Entertainment Representation

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Red Giant Entertainment Inc. (OTC:REDG), an innovative Intellectual Property company specializing in intellectual property development and content for use in a variety of media and entertainment, is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a far-reaching agreement with Herohelix for film and television representation.

Herohelix, founded by longtime entertainment and animation executive Chris Moujaes, helps entertainment companies and filmmakers finance, produce, and distribute original entertainment content.  Herohelix will represent Red Giant for a variety of projects in both the live action and animation arenas for a selection of Red Giant’s extensive line-up of properties.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be working with such a massive inventory of characters and stories,” said Moujaes. “Red Giant Entertainment’s catalog gives Herohelix so much great material to work with, and we are hitting the ground running on a number of projects. They have projects in practically every genre to pull from. Whether it be science-fiction, fantasy, mythology, horror and even historical action; Red Giant has something for everyone.”

Prior to founding Herohelix, Moujaes served as Head of Original Entertainment for FUNimation Entertainment, the leading anime company in North America, where he oversaw the studio's various film release labels. Moujaes joined FUNimation in 2009 to start the department from scratch and supervise all aspects of the production process from story development all the way through post-production. Over his six years with FUNimation, Moujaes managed over $12 million in motion picture production and development, oversaw the creative development of dozens of films, and supervised the production of eight original movies as Executive Producer. Previously, Moujaes was President of Boomstar Inc., an international animation services company specializing in video games and television, and Spoonbend Inc., a branding agency.

Moujaes will work closely with Red Giant Entertainment executives Isen Robbins and Aimee Schoof, producers with more than 30 feature films on their resume, shepherding the Company’s film projects into production. 

“Working with Chris in the past, I was immediately impressed by him,” said Red Giant Entertainment CEO Benny Powell.  “I’m happy we’re building some exciting projects together and can’t wait to see our work on the big and small screens.”

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Red Giant Entertainment Inc. (OTC:REDG) is a Nevada corporation that specializes in intellectual property (IP) development for multiple media platforms and transmedia propagation. The cornerstone of this development is based around the more than three dozen online and print graphic novel properties in various stages of production as well as the cast of thousands of characters from those series. These properties have a readership that numbers in the millions globally. Some of these properties are actively in development into other media such as movies, video games, television, novels, toys, apparel, applications, etc. through either direct production or licensing agreements.


Herohelix LLC is an intellectual property-focused entertainment company that finances, produces and distributes all forms of entertainment content. Whether it’s motion pictures, television, web-based content, graphic novels, animated or live action, Herohelix helps filmmakers, intellectual property owners and investors navigate the complex world of show business. Founded by entertainment and animation executive, Chris Moujaes, the company operates five distinct yet integrated business segments: Original Entertainment, Distribution, Finance, Data & Analysis, and Rights Management.  For more information, visit

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