New Real-Time Digital Scheduling Solution Offers Greater Patient Accessibility and Care Coordination

Solutionreach announces its intuitive, real-time online scheduling tool to be used by patients to book healthcare appointments from any device at any time.

LEHI, UTAH, Sept. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solutionreach today announced the release of their new real-time digital scheduling solution, Limelight. The intuitive online scheduler gives patients 24/7 access to their healthcare provider's schedule from any device in real-time, increasing patient accessibility and improving care coordination.

Limelight is the newest solution offered by Solutionreach, the healthcare technology company that pioneered digital patient messaging in 2000, and has grown into a full suite of services for improving communication and transparency between providers and their patients.

Solutionreach developed Limelight to meet the growing need in the healthcare field for patient accessibility. The product will have dramatic benefits for practice profitability and productivity, but is specifically tailored to help providers improve care coordination; a critical component to meeting increasing standards for population health management.

"Practitioners rely on us to give them the solutions they need for managing their patient relationships, which necessarily includes improving each patient's access to receiving the care they need, when they need it." - Jim Higgins, CEO and Founder.

Rather than being required to call or visit their healthcare provider's practice, patients will be able to use Limelight to book an appointment in real-time using any digital device, whenever it is convenient for them.

"We believe that it will dramatically increase a patient's accessibility to their provider, and make it easier for patients to stay on track with needed care visits, which is in line with our goal of improving the success of the practice and the outcomes for the patients." -Tyra Wright, Limelight Product Manager.

The groundbreaking digital self-scheduler is meeting a demand that has already invaded other industries, and is boiling beneath the surface for healthcare. "Right now patients want to be able to schedule online, but pretty soon they will expect it," says Tory Neiwert, Product Management Director. "We've gone to great lengths to create an intelligent tool that will give patients the best possible experience, while streamlining a considerable amount of work for the staff in the practice."

Limelight is differentiated from other online booking apps by the level of intelligence built into the technology. Practices can customize a variety of simple fields to ensure that each patient schedules the right appointment, for the right amount of time, with the right provider. The digital self-scheduler integrates with many EMRs and Practice Management Systems, to constantly sync the practice schedule and allows patients to select their own appointment in real-time.

About Solutionreach

Solutionreach, the original pioneer of automated appointment reminders, is now the industry leader for patient relationship management technology. Their robust platform is used in healthcare practices to help providers effectively and consistently engage their patients throughout the continuum of care. In addition to improving outcomes and increasing patient retention, the platform's cloud-based tools help providers boost their online presence and generate new patients by automatically collecting and distributing patient surveys, monitoring patient reviews, and integrating social media. To learn more, visit

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