Metatron Global to Join Deep Space Industries on Asteroid Mining Quest

Asteroid Mining Company Deep Space Industries Announces Investment by the International Investment Fund Metatron Global, A.S.

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif., Oct. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The asteroid mining firm Deep Space Industries (DSI) announced today that Metatron Global, A.S., an international investment firm with offices in the Czech Republic, has agreed to make a substantial investment in the company. The investment will enable DSI to accelerate its plans to prospect for resources at an asteroid in the near future, hire more top level leadership and develop high value products based on its groundbreaking technologies.

"DSI is not your usual company. Our business plan is not your usual business plan. It takes a special kind of investor to step up and support what we are doing," said DSI Chair Rick Tumlinson. "Metatron is that kind of company. Not only are they incredibly sophisticated, not only do they take due diligence to another level, they "get it". More, they are not just writing a check, but adding their expertise and energy to ours as we move forward, adding a new and important dimension to our team."

Metatron is a global investment firm with the mission to find, fund and foster companies offering solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges. Metatron invests in exciting paradigm-shifting companies capable of commanding global markets while creating a legacy of positive impact. The two companies have been engaged in talks for several months, and Metatron recently completed an extensive due diligence process.

"Metatron is about applying extremely serious investing principles to cutting edge companies. DSI meets both criteria," said Petr Johanes of Metatron. "Their goals are long term and visionary, but their technologies are solid, their team is five-star and their business plan pragmatic - combining the long throw of asteroid mining with the agility to take advantage of near term market opportunities."
The funding from this seed round will help Deep Space Industries begin the build out of its first asteroid prospecting mission, Prospector 1. DSI is developing several technologies for deep space missions, notably including high-performance propulsion systems, robust power and communications systems, and advanced navigation and operational autonomy. These enable both affordable interplanetary spacecraft and a new breed of advanced nanosatellites for low -Earth orbit.

DSI will harvest resources from near Earth asteroids and return them for use in Earth orbit, refueling satellites and providing building materials for commercial research and production outposts in space. Along with Metatron, several Angel and Institutional investors are participating in the company's seed round, which is expected to close before the end of 2015. Qualified, interested investors are encouraged to contact DSI's Investor Relations team at to learn more.

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