Fortum to supply a combustion technology solution to reduce nitrogen emissions at EDF Polska power plant in Poland


Fortum will supply a combustion technology solution to reduce the nitrogen emissions at a coal-fired power plant owned by EDF Group in Krakow, Poland. The combustion technology of two boilers at the power plant will be renewed during 2016-2017.

“Our solution will help our customer clearly achieve the European Union’s Industrial Emissions Directive’s (IED) emission limits for nitrogen oxides with these two boilers. The delivery is a continuation of  EDF’s combustion technology renewal project in Krakow for which we have provided expert services and technology for the past two years,” says Heikki Andersson, Vice President, Power Solutions, Fortum.

Fortum’s deliveries will help EDF to bring the nitrogen emissions of the Krakow power plant to clearly below the European Union’s new emission limits. The decreased emissions will mean better air quality for Krakow city residents.

Fortum’s latest delivery includes combustion technology modification plans for the Krakow power plant’s two boilers and low-NOx burners that reduce nitrogen emissions. Likewise, an upgrade to the boilers’ air distribution and automation will ensure consistent operation and thus lower emissions levels.

Development of emissions-reducing combustion technologies is one of Fortum’s expert services offered internationally and stems from Fortum and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems more than 20 years of collaboration in product development of environmentally friendly combustion technology.

“For more than 20 years, we have delivered hundreds of nitrogen oxide-reducing low-NOx burners to power plants around the world. Many of the deliveries are based on long-term collaboration with our customer companies. For example, collaboration with the Krakow power plant started back in the mid-1990s,” Heikki Andersson notes.

In the past five years, the total value of Fortum’s combustion technology-related service agreements and deliveries to Poland, including the new agreements, is about EUR 130 million.

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