APEX Wellness Center Introduces Young Living Essential Oils to Wellness Arsenal

DALLAS, Nov. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dallas and Fort Worth-area wellness center seeks to educate local residents about the benefits of using essential oils. APEX Wellness Center now offers Young Living essential oils for residents looking to lose weight, decrease muscular pain, ease headaches, relieve stress and tension and more. The center’s providers, Dr. Erin Stark Calaway and Dr. Nikki Porteus, are happy to help anyone find the best essential oils to boost their lives, and methods to begin putting them to use.

“Our research and training have taught us so much about the science of aromatherapy,” Dr. Calaway said. “Using essential oils can help patients experience positive effects on psychological, physiological and spiritual levels.”

The clinic uses a brand of essential oils called Young Living. It offers a wide variety of natural aromas designed to stimulate the brain and provide a boost to the body’s limbic system. Essential oils can help the limbic system regulate heart rate, stress levels, hormone levels and breathing.

Dr. Porteus said essential oils, if used properly, can contribute to everything from general stress relief and weight management to whole body cleansing, from reduced muscle pain and improved thyroid function.

“Of all of our senses, smell may be the most powerful,” Dr. Porteus said. “We’re constantly amazed at what the body is capable of, and often the healing process begins just by introducing different aromas. We enjoy assisting our patients with this type of healing, and sharing ways to improve their lives.”

Patients are welcome to come by to discuss which essential oils can work best for their particular wellness needs or any health conditions. Oils are available to use in a diffuser at home, they can be rubbed directly on the skin, or digested in the form of essential oil-infused products and nutritional supplements.

In some cases, Drs. Calaway and Porteus may recommend essential oil treatment, but combine it with other available services at APEX Wellness Center such as chiropractic adjustments.

“Our goal is to be the most complete health and wellness provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” Dr. Calaway said. “With chiropractic care and other helpful services we can help teach you useful habits and help your long-term health picture.”

Chiropractic care is available for all ages, and is designed to reduce pain and treat injuries, especially in the head, neck or back. It also can aid in reducing numbness, sciatica, or repetitive-motion injuries and is also an alternative to surgery or prescriptions.

Dr. Porteus said the staff is always happy to help educate anyone about the importance of exercise, diet and nutrition.  

APEX Wellness Center offers a variety of health services to Dallas-area residents, including chiropractic care and essential oil consultations. For more information visit apexwellnesscenter.com or call (972) 392-9402.   


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