Report: State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 500 Online Retailers

Findings showcase the implementation of analytics platforms by retail category & revenue and use of tag management across top ecommerce organizations

Chicago Il, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Dec. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cardinal Path, an independent digital data and analytics firm, today released a report on the use of digital marketing analytics and tag management solutions within the top 500 online retailers.

"The complexity of the marketing technology landscape has exploded and marketers have to think about everything from data management platforms and ad networks to retargeting and conversion tools," says John Hossack, co-founder and President of Cardinal Path. "Analytics platforms are evolving to help marketers manage this complexity and activate their data."

The State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 500 Online Retailers provides an overview of the dominant analytics platforms across the world's leading ecommerce organizations. "It's no surprise that Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics continue to dominate this space, but there are some interesting revelations around market share by retail category and by revenue."

The report also details the use of tag management solutions, with some surprising findings. "Tag management solutions are widely considered an industry best practice, and in a group of high-volume retailers, we would expect to see a much higher number of tag managers deployed," says Hossack.

Read the full report.

Cardinal Path will lead an informal discussion on the report's findings and take live questions on December 16th at 1 p.m. ET. The panel will feature the report's co-author, Nick Iyengar, Associate Director of Digital Intelligence at Cardinal Path, and co-founders and senior partners David Eckman and Alex Langshur. Sign up to participate in the discussion.


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