Zhao Jian of China Crowned World Series Mahjong Champion 2015 in Macau

TAIPEI, Taiwan and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After two days of intense competition, on December 8, 2015, Mr. Zhao Jian of China was crowned the fourth World Series of Mahjong (“WSOM”) Champion at The Venetian® Macao. Mr. Zhao Jian received the grand prize of HKD$406,161 and a 99.9% pure gold mahjong necklace from Mr. John Hardyment, C.E.O. of World Mahjong Limited. WSOM 2015 tournament saw hundreds of contestants from around the globe competing in numerous pre-qualifying tournaments in what continues to be the world’s largest mahjong tournament in terms of player participation and prize money.

ChampionZhao Jian
Cash prize of HKD$406,161 and a 99.9% pure gold mahjong necklace
Second PlaceSuzuki Taro
Cash prize of HKD$293,263
Third PlaceLai Siu Kui
(Hong Kong)
Cash prize of HKD$239,186
Fourth PlacePeng Cheng Lung
Cash prize of HKD$210,790

The two day, single elimination format tournament saw the return of Taiwanese celebrities Hsu Nai-Lin, Sabrina Yu, and Doris Kuang who were greeted by many fans.  Also competing were former WSOM champions, including WSOM 2007 champion Mr. Hui Chung Lai, WSOM 2008 champion Mr. Ho Kwok Hung, and WSOM 2010 champion Mr. Chan Tak Kwan.  Mr. Hui Chung Lai made the top 8 this year and said that the new electronic mahjong tables had increased the pace of the competition.

Mr. Zhao Jian is now the first champion from China, as he states “I started playing mahjong when I was five. I was not doing well in the first four sessions, so I’m thrilled to have won. I think it was a combination of strategy and luck for me today.”

A highlight of the final game contained a broad representation of finalists, as this is the first time that the top four WSOM players were represented by four different nations, as China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan were each represented.

This year’s WSOM featured the best mahjong players from around the world, all competing for cash prizes in an exhilarating tournament held in Asia's entertainment capital. The prize structure distributes the prize money according to each player’s scores, thereby increasing the entertainment and excitement level throughout the tournament. It also spreads the prize money more equitably among a larger number of winners.

“The World Series of Mahjong Championship 2015 marked an important step in our bid to organize the highest-quality mahjong tournament in the world,” said Mr. Jim Mehren, President of World Mahjong Limited. “As with the three World Series events, World Series of Mahjong 2015 saw extraordinary mahjong players emerge, with amazing levels of skill and a keen sense of competition. Importantly, the World Series of Mahjong rules create a level playing field for all mahjong players, regardless of origin, and are optimized for tournament play, bold strategies and fast-paced action.”

For the first time, WSOM has produced two episodes of a one-hour TV program, which will be broadcasted worldwide, including viewership through the large online video platform LeTV which has approximately 172 million monthly active users. It is also the first time that WSOM has partnered with Tencent Holdings Limited, (SEHK 00700), one of China’s largest and most used internet service portals, which sponsored the China online tournament and formed a team to join the event. Two of these players made it to the top 8.

The World Series of Mahjong Rules© is the world’s leading standardized version of mahjong rules validated with an international track record of previous tournament use. Given the diversity of mahjong rules played in Asia and other parts of the world, the World Series of Mahjong employs a simplified rule and scoring system that is fair to all, simply and easy to learn, systematic and consistent, and emphasizes the playability of the game as a competition of skill. The new format gives the players more playing time (guaranteed 16 cycles or 64 hands) before they are eliminated. This also mitigates the luck factor and brings skill to the forefront of the game.

For more information on the World Series of Mahjong 2015, please visit: http://worldmahjong.com/world-series-2015/.


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