Dixie Brands' Flagship Product, the Elixir, Storms into California with New 200MG Format

Dixie Adds New CBD Products to its California Line Up, and Brings the Leader in THC-Infused Beverages to California's Underserved Medical Marijuana Beverage Market

SALINAS, CA, CALIF., Dec. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, a Dixie Brands, Inc. company and creator of the Dixie Elixir, is launching its namesake product in California through its California licensee, Indus Holdings Company. Widely hailed as the best cannabis infused beverage on the market, Dixie's all-natural Elixirs will provide an exciting alternative to medical patients in California in desperate need of a superior beverage option. The Peach Iced Tea and Wild Berry Lemonade flavors that will be available in California, feature Dixie's proprietary re-sealable child-resistant dosing bottle in 90mg and 200mg dosages.

"We couldn't be more pleased to launch our flagship product, the Dixie Elixir, in California with our new, all-natural formulations and innovative child-resistant, dosable bottle," said Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc. "While the Elixir was our very first product, and has had the benefit of the last five years of improvement as we continued to refine the formula, the 200mg dosage is a very new format for us having only launched in Colorado last month. We are excited for the response to this product in the Golden State and expect that it will do very well, both for its quality as well as for its unparalleled flavor."

In addition, Dixie will be expanding its one-to-one CBD to THC ratio line of tinctures and its new one-to-one ratio mints in California, under Dixie's "Synergy" branded product line. The new tincture flavors of Vanilla and Watermelon will join the existing Cinnamon flavor and will contain 50MG of THC and 50MG of CBD in each bottle. The Synergy Berry Mints, which also launched in Colorado last month, will contain 5MG of THC and 5MG of CBD in each mint with a total of 80MG of each per package.

"Having established a strong presence throughout California, we are excited to expand our portfolio of delivery systems by bringing several of Dixie's best-selling and most innovative products to the patients of California," said Robert Weakly, CEO of Indus Holdings. "Dixie was one of the first in the country (and is still one of the few) to leverage food science to create a truly emulsified, totally effective and thoroughly delicious beverage. We are confident this is a product that is not only missing from the California market, but one that will tap into a significant pent up demand. In addition, Dixie's Synergy line are proven best-sellers in California and we know that patients are hungry for innovative and consistent CBD ratio products. The Synergy mints and new tincture flavors will be a welcome addition to the portfolio."

About the Elixir Bottle
At the crux of beauty and practicality is Dixie's proprietary Elixir bottle. Dixie worked with packaging experts Tricor Braun, to convert a jigger lock CR cap to hold carbonation. Dixie is proud to be the very first manufacturer in the country to build a proprietary CR structure designed specifically for carbonated beverages with dosing capabilities. The innovative design required slightly less than five months to complete, from initial concept/design to finished production of bottles—an almost unheard of timeline in packaging.
Available NOW: MSRP $13 for 90mg & $22 for 200mg.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Dixie Brands, Inc., (Dixie) through its affiliates across the country, has been formulating and producing award-winning THC and CBD-infused products since 2009. What began as a single flagship product, the Dixie Elixir (a THC-infused soda), has now expanded to over 30 different products across over 100 SKUs, representing the industry's finest edibles, tinctures, topicals and connoisseur grade extractions. In addition, Dixie Brands launched two new CBD product lines: Aceso, is a suite of "hemp 2.0" products designed to provide general wellness and relief from minor aches and pains as well as mild-anxiety. Therabis is a pet supplement formulated by an experienced veterinarian and designed to provide pets, and their owners, with relief for itching, mild-anxiety and greater joint mobility. To find out more about Dixie's innovative products, or about how Dixie is building the future of cannabis, please visit us at http://www.dixiebrands.com.

Indus Holding is committed to creative products that emphasize consumer safety while creatively changing perceptions of cannabis use.  Politically astute, socially conscious and dedicated to change, Indus Brands is building more than a brand, it is building a new American industry. Based in Salinas California, Indus manufactures and distributes premier cannabis brands throughout California including: Altai Brands, Dixie Brands, Foria and JUJU Joints. To learn more about Indus, visit us at www.indusholdingco.com

Joe Hodas
Dixie Brands, Chief Marketing Officer

Alyssa Anderson
Indus Holding Co., Director of Communications


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