Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) Launches ‘Concussion TV’ Internet TV Portal to Address Inquiries for Upcoming ‘Concussion’ Movie Release

Live Webcast on EIC TV Network Launches ‘Concussion TV’ and Draws Large Audience in Featuring All Facets of Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Issue in Populations Ranging From Veterans to NFL Football Players and Youth Athletes.

Washington D.C., Dec. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Washington, D.C. – TV Worldwide, (www.TVWorldwide.com), since 1999, a pioneering web-based global TV network, announced that it had teamed with its strategic partner, The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) (www.EICOnline.org) to launch the Concussion TV Portal (www.ConcussionTV.com) as another outlet on the growing EIC TV Network (www.EICNetwork.TV). The channel was launched on Friday, December 11, 2016 during a well-trafficked live video webcast on the EIC TV Network studio set at the TV Worldwide Internet TV facility near Washington D.C.

The Concussion TV Portal is a relaunch of a similarly-named channel operated by Sports Pro Community Network (SPCN) through 2012, who donated the channel to the EIC Network. The EIC Network intends to produce sponsored-programming on a full spectrum of concussion and TBI issues including military personnel and veterans, professional and amateur athletes, children & adult victims of abuse, the elderly and the general public involved in accidents. EIC is currently working to partner with charter sponsors for live and on-demand video series in each of these important areas, and has developed an aggressive content development plan through 2016.

Featured webcast panelists and interviewees included George Visger, former NFL player with the San Francisco 49er and 9-time brain shunt surgery survivor; Miss Ali Wallace, Miss Oregon 2015 and TBI victim; Dennis Butts, a highly decorated Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran who received three Purple Heart Medals for TBI-related injuries; Kathy Helmick, Deputy Director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC); Dr. Chris Vaughan, pediatric neuropsychologist at the Children's National Health System; Dr. Nisha Money, former U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon and Director of the Global Healing Initiatives Institute; and Craig McEwan, Former NFL player with the Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers who suffers from the direct effects related to TBI during his past NFL career.

“Typically we talk about TBI in 4 ‘buckets’, if you will,” stated Ms. Helmick, referring to DVBIC’s policy. “Mild traumatic brain Injury, known as concussion, moderate traumatic brain Injury, severe traumatic brain Injury and penetrating brain injury.” Ms. Helmick outlined defense policy as it relates to concussion and TBI for service members, the research that is ongoing and what families should look for when a service member returns after a TBI injury, stressing that every concussion is not the same. “If you’ve seen one concussion, you’ve seen one concussion,” Ms. Helmick commented.  

Regarding Vietnam Vets and TBI, Mr. Butts stated that during his time in Vietnam, there was no allocated recovery time or protocol for TBI, and no such thing as TBI or PTSD diagnosis. “Long term effects of TBI on Vietnam Vets are unknown,” stated Mr. Butts.

Dr. Money detailed her work with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for wounded warrior care with an emphasis on neuro-psychological injuries, pain, and chronic disorders. She detailed a range of CAM therapies and described the existence of an endogenous hormone known as Oxytocin, a “miracle molecule” that is produced in the body during social bonding and equine and K-9 therapy, which mitigates psychological and physiological pain.
Referring to military personnel injured in the line of duty, Dr. Money remarked, “They had our backs so we need to have their backs. One percent of our population has protected one-hundred percent of this country…We as a society can be very pro-active.”

Regarding professional and amateur athletes, both Mr. Visger and Mr. McEwan provided moving accounts of their amateur and professional NFL career experience with concussion and TBI, their daily struggles and their coping mechanisms to deal with the residual effects now. Visger stressed the effects on family members, stating, “The family members take as much of a beating as we do.”
Mr. McEwan, asked about what inspires him to deal with his TBI-related issues, referred to his strained relationship with his daughter because of his TBI and remarked, “My whole inspiration is to re-connect with my daughter.” Both NFL veterans discussed the potential for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), with Mr. Visger having tried it, reporting that it improved his neurocognitive memory scores by 14.3%.

Miss Wallace, whose platform as Miss Oregon 2015 is Traumatic Brain Injury Education and Awareness, detailed her own experience with TBI when she suffered a traumatic brain injury while a varsity cheerleader as a freshman in high school and spent a year in recovery. “Most of the time when I go speak at high schools and talk to student athletes they have no idea how serious brain injuries are,” commented Miss Wallace.

Dr. Vaughan gave a detailed slide presentation on the basics of concussion and TBI in relation to children. “Concussion symptoms can be physical, cognitive, emotional and fatigue-related. Activities must be managed during recovery, including school work and exercise,” stated Dr. Vaughan.


“The launch of EIC's Concussion TV Portal, as a new resource center for entertainment writers and journalists, presents programming that can spark accurate storytelling and reporting about the importance of brain health that supports our work in mental health. We will put a spotlight on best practices, research, and real stories to benefit parents, athletes, veterans and first responders, the elderly and more to address this rising health concern,” said Marie Gallo Dyak, EIC President and CEO.

“We are pleased to be involved in the production and hosting of programming and events for EIC’s Concussion Internet TV Portal,” said Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TV Worldwide. “It’s important subject matter, and it was great to see this webcast so well-attended on line.”

The webcast of the event is now available for on line viewing at www.ConcussionTV.com and www.EICNetwork.TV , or directly by clicking this link.

About Concussion TV

Concussion TV is the Entertainment Industries Council’s Internet TV Portal on the EIC Network, serving as an on-line clearinghouse for live and on-demand Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury - related video programming. Concussion TV is produced in partnership with Internet TV provider, TV Worldwide.

In addition to both live and on-demand video content, Concussion TV features other multi-media products to include vignettes, PSA’s, case studies, applications and downloads concerning Concussion and TBI. Concussion TV’s serves a full spectrum of audiences exposed to Concussion and TBI, including professional and amateur athletes, veterans and military personnel, child and adult victims of abuse, the elderly and the general public involved in accidents. We’re committed to bringing the latest resources and information on Concussions and TBI to those exposed to Concussion and TBI in these audiences and their families.

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