TikTeck Launches at CES 2016, Undercuts CE Market With Low Cost, High-Quality IoT Gadgets

Bypasses Conventional Retail Channels to Offer Comparable Smart Gadgets at Up to 70% Less Than Competitors

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consumer Electronics Show (CES) -- TikTeck, the brand-new company aiming to disrupt the consumer electronics industry with low-cost, high-quality smart home gadgets sold direct to consumers, today announces its launch at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company will showcase four products at Tech East/LVCC, South Hall 3, booth #31914: a $9.99 Smart LED Lightbulb, a $499 telepresence robot, a $69.99 WiFi rover for home monitoring and security, and a $14.99 Bluetooth Smart bathroom scale. All four products are at price points up to 70% less than comparable products on the market.

Name brand electronics often come with a higher price tag due to factors such as retail gouging, planned obsolescence and over-the-top packaging. TikTeck is bypassing these costs by foregoing big box retail stores and shipping products direct to consumers, eschewing big budget marketing campaigns that increases the price for consumers.

While TikTeck is a brand new company it is no stranger to the consumer electronics market. For the last 10 years its management team has been at the helm of KeeProduct, a leading designer and manufacturer supplying private brand/OEM electronics for brands including Walmart, Argos, Tesco, JCPenney and many more. Kee/TikTeck owns its own manufacturing facility including hundreds of employees. Its product range includes iPhone and iPod Speakers, DAB Radios, Phone Accessories, Smart Wearable Products, Smart Home Series, Smart Pet Series, and more.

“The consumer electronics industry should expect major disruptions in pricing models to take hold over the next few years. This will be accelerated by the adoption of 3D printing technologies, and soon the enabling of downloadable hardware and devices by consumers,” said TikTeck founder Rex Chen. “Our team has launched more than 100 products in major retail channels in the world. Consumers often do not get the most bang for their gadget buck. By leveraging the manufacturing assets we already have in place, we are able to provide the same high-quality gadgets to consumer at a fraction of the cost,” continued Chen.

TikTeck will demo the four new devices at the show and are available for media interviews or sample requests:

  1. The TikTeck LED Smart Lightbulb ($9.99) comes with many of the same features as popular smart bulbs on the market, ranging from $25-$60, including a companion app (iOS/Android) to manage/adjust settings, Bluetooth Mesh connectivity enabling control of up to 128 bulbs with a single device, as well as offering a full spectrum of color/brightness choices. For more information and specifications, please see here.
  2. The TikTeck Robot is an ideal telepresence solution for enterprise communication and will be priced at $499, compared to similar products ranging from $700-$2,500. It is compatible with all models/sizes of Android and iOS tablets and phones, features an anti-collision sensors, auto-recharging capabilities, completely adjustable frame with built-in tablet/phone charging, and WiFi/4G connectivity.
  3. The TikTeck WiFi Rover ($69.99) is a home security solution that allows users to open their app (iOS/Android) and get real-time video and images of what is happening back home. Perfect for checking on babysitters or children, it features a 720p video, a 40° adjustable camera, night vision options, and can be operated up to 30 meters from Internet routers.
  4. The TikTeck Smart Body Scale ($14.99) measures weight then syncs with an iOS/Android app so users can track results and even calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI).

About TikTeck

TikTeck was founded in 2014 with a simple purpose in mind: to produce innovative and high quality products in a quick and affordable manner. Drawing on over a decade of experience in design, sourcing, manufacturing, and business development in China, the United Kingdom and the United States, TikTeck has amassed a wealth of industry knowledge on how to conceptualize, create, and distribute cutting-edge tech products. TikTeck core values are based on the belief that high-end tech devices don't require high-end prices, and strive to bring the best possible products to the global market. TikTeck is developing wearable devices, connected home appliances, consumer level robotics, and non-invasive early stage Diagnostic technologies.


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