Treasure Data Adds Elasticsearch Integration to Portfolio

New, Complementary Offering for Data Engineers and Developers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., Feb. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Treasure Data, the leading provider of analytics infrastructure for growth-oriented businesses, is now offering an Elasticsearch integration, available today in Beta. The Treasure Data system offloads the resource-intensive data workloads to enable faster, more valuable analytics queries, while enabling engineering to continue working within the familiar Elasticsearch and Kibana interfaces.

Elasticsearch has gained momentum in the developer community as an open-source analytics toolset, and there is an increasing need for more advanced analytics. Treasure Data's storage and processing layers have been architected to easily ingest millions of data points per second and then aggregate across billions of data points. The integration provides a complementary option for software developers and data scientists to get the most of of their data.

"Elasticsearch is the de facto standard among developers for anything related to text search, but as its use cases expand, people are pushing the limits of its analytics capabilities, " said Kazuki Ohta, co-founder and CTO at Treasure Data. "The integration offers joint customers complete control to slice and dice their raw data the way they want, and offers additional advanced use cases, such as large-scale aggregation, joining datasets, path analysis, and machine learning."

Treasure Data is also the creator of Fluentd, which is a highly used third-party data collector for Elasticsearch. The new integration is another step in connecting disparate technologies to allow teams to continue working from the tools they're used to but with optimized workflows and a rich set of data-analytics capabilities. 


The Elasticsearch integration is now available in beta. For more information, visit:

About Treasure Data

Treasure Data is an analytics infrastructure-as-a-service provider that collects event data from dispersed sources, stores it at scale, and refines and transforms it to help businesses leverage their data to make smart decisions. 

Treasure Data's global customer base includes Pebble, Pioneer and Yahoo! Japan, among others. Collectively, the companies send more than a million events every second to Treasure Data and ask nearly two million questions against them every month to inform smarter business decisions.

Founded in 2011, Treasure Data is a private company backed by investors, including Sierra Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, IT Farm, Bill Tai, and Jerry Yang, among others. To learn more, visit


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