MENLO PARK, Calif., April 6, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pioneering a new consulting services model for strategy, marketing, and PR, OrionX today announced eight, quick-start packaged solutions ranging from Market Sizing to PR Essentials that are designed to address several common requirements facing high technology companies.

"Having helped over 50 technology leaders connect products to customers, we have observed several common requirements over the years that led to the development of several packaged solutions that are well-defined, targeted, and easy to deploy," said Shahin Khan, Founding Partner at OrionX. "While requirements may differ in each case, business objectives are similar and the process can be substantially the same allowing companies to experience much faster results without sacrificing quality."
The eight packages draw on expertise from OrionX's Strategy, Marketing and PR Practices resulting in a fully-integrated, and holistic approach. The packages introduced today include:

  1. Market Sizing – assist business planning with projections of market size and growth.
  2. Customer Sentiment – discover customer and prospects sentiment via survey-based research.
  3. Message Testing – evaluate company messaging to improve how it is perceived by the outside world
  4. Value Proposition & Messaging – create effective value propositions and messages (incorporating customer segmentation, value drivers, and competitive positioning).
  5. Competitive Analysis – adopt competitive best practices, ranging from competitive research and synthesis to competitive sales tools and corporate positioning.
  6. Go-To-Market Health Check - assessment followed by practical advice on business situation, market potential, competitive positioning, launch and sales readiness.
  7. PR Essentials – quick-start PR program designed for start-ups that builds a foundation for media and influencer relations.
  8. Video Deep Dive – powerful videos ranging from authentic, real-time videos to full production value, developed by a team of knowledgeable, industry experts.

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Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Big Data are redefining B2B technology. OrionX.net is the pioneer of a new model for Strategy, Marketing, and PR. OrionX is known for its depth and agility, insightful advice, original content, and its stellar reputation in Silicon Valley. More than 50 technology leaders in virtually every B2B segment have trusted OrionX.net to help set new break-away strategies, ignite brands, and engage customers for increased market share. Visit us at OrionX.net


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