Bang Holdings to Disrupt, Fill Cannabis Marketing Void of Google

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., April 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bang Holdings Corp. (OTC Pinks:BXNG), a digital media company that provides content and its influencer-based marketing network to the legal cannabis industry, announced today – on 4/20 -- that it is aggressively targeting the enormous cannabis advertising void created by Google, whose restrictive advertising policies prohibit cannabis-related companies.

After almost two years and more than a million dollars invested in building the first major digital advertising network to service the cannabis industry, Bang went public last month, catapulting the Company onto the radar screens of Wall Street and the expanding cannabis industry.

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The Problem: Mainstream Media Snubs $6 Billion Cannabis Industry

Analysts estimate the legal cannabis market today at more than $6 billion annually, and project it will grow to $22 billion in 2020. However, the advertising policies of Google, along with Yahoo and others, massively restrict cannabis companies from advertising online. Further, they do not allow mainstream corporations to specifically target the cannabis market. With 68% of all Internet searches done through Google, this presents an enormous hurdle for legal cannabis companies to reach interested potential consumers.

This mainstream media void has served to obstruct and prevent quality companies in the cannabis industry from growing and becoming national brands. It has a chilling effect on capital formation, investment, jobs and tax revenues that those healthy business activities normally produce.

Solution: Bang Already Reaches Over 10 Million Potential Cannabis Customers

Led by Bang Founder, Chairman and CEO Steve Berke, the Company is working with a growing network of strategic partners. They deploy an impressive and growing cadre of social media influencers who are powerful audience draws, and give voice to the more than half of all American adults who have used cannabis.

Mr. Berke is an accomplished entrepreneur, YouTube star and marijuana activist who knows well the power of media, social media and compelling content. Berke, a former pro tennis player and Yale University graduate, draws on his experience and vast network of media and cannabis industry contacts to build a powerhouse platform that enables all companies, cannabis and others, to directly reach its targeted audience. Further, Berke has tapped into his network to assemble and build a high-powered executive team of primarily Yale alumni, all of whom are proven company builders with exceptional business networks of their own.

Harnessing the power and advanced technologies of social media, Bang Digital Media offers micro-segmentation to enable advertisers to specifically reach the perfect audience for its products and services. No other ad network allows companies to target the community of this specific industry, giving Bang a first-mover advantage in this fast-growing, multi-billion dollar marketplace.

“Bang Digital Media” to Dominate $20 Billion Industry in 2020

“Bang Digital Media is well along in the execution of our business plan to transform the fragmented cannabis-advertising marketplace. Our multi-channel, multi-platform advertising network directly engages around 500,000 marijuana enthusiasts on a daily basis, while Bang's social influencer network expands our company's potential reach to 11 million more customers,” Bang’s CEO and Founder Steve Berke said. “We are growing at an accelerated pace, and our expertise in the cannabis industry is second to none. We are confident that Bang Digital Media will increasingly dominate and own this space well before it hits the $22 billion addressable market forecast in 2020.”

About Bang Holdings Corporation

Bang Holdings Corporation (OTC Pinks: BXNG), through its subsidiary Bang Digital Media, provides brand management, cannabis related digital content and influencer-based marketing for the cannabis industry. While major media providers restrict online marijuana advertising, Bang Holdings’ marketing networks allow companies to directly reach cannabis enthusiasts.

Since launching its digital channel 4TwentyToday across multiple digital platforms in 2014, Bang Digital Media’s network has grown to reach 659,929 engaged marijuana enthusiasts and has generated more than 150 million content views. Bang’s expanded network of marijuana-friendly social influencers reaches an additional 10 million potential customers. For more information, please visit

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