Trade Show Internet Introduces New 4G Mega Internet Kit at InfoComm 2016

Specialty Internet Service Provider Develops Proprietary Technology, Disrupts Meetings and Events Industry

Las Vegas, June 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trade Show Internet (TSI) has launched its proprietary 4G Mega Internet Kit, the world’s first multi-carrier 4G-to-WiFi hotspot, giving event organizers and technical producers the unprecedented ability to connect 100 WiFi users in a hotel ballroom without having to purchase any corresponding services from the hotel.

TSI will debut its Mega Kit in the Innovations Showcase at the InfoComm trade show June 8-10, 2016, demoing it for event industry pros looking for a more stable and affordable solution for their clients.

“Very rarely does a product come along which is both less expensive and better than the status quo,” says TSI Co-Founder Ian Framson. “Much like TSI disrupted the convention center internet market, we are now going after the hotel WiFi monopoly. This technology finally liberates meeting planners from outrageous WiFi fees imposed by hotels. Conveniently, it also empowers 3rd party AV providers frustrated by the bundling of AV and WiFi services by their in-house competitors.”

TSI’s revolutionary product levels the playing field for meeting planners by addressing the major complaint that hotels have notoriously maintained a WiFi monopoly – forcing groups to purchase overpriced and unreliable service without any competitive alternative. By taking advantage of advances in technology, this new do-it-yourself rental solution offers a higher degree of reliability by intelligently load balancing multiple 4G backhaul circuits and broadcasting a secure WiFi network on both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. At a rental price point 50% lower than most hotels, this new freedom of choice threatens to disrupt the entire WiFi business model within the hotel industry.

Loaded with 10 4G LTE bandwidth circuits from 3 major cellular carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile), TSI’s 4G Mega Internet Kit supports 100 WiFi devices simultaneously. The size of a desktop computer, the product is ordered in advance and shipped to an event organizer via FedEx. The event organizer is responsible for a simple 2-minute setup, plugging the hotspot into a standard electrical outlet. The kit’s 4 built-in WiFi radios and signal booster antennas can easily cover a 100x100 ft. room, with options available to cover smaller breakout rooms. The kit can be customized with a branded network name, password, unique splash page, and URL redirect for a sponsor. The company keeps costs low by providing 24x7 telephone technical support and remote, web-based access to its devices. A prepaid FedEx label is included for convenient return.

Satisfied customer Freya Leask of SelectScience had the following to say after using the Mega Kit at Pittcon 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center, “The kit was a great success! It was very easy to set up and we were very pleased with the splash screen. Thanks for all your help in organizing it!”

TSI’s kits are FCC Part 15 compliant, so they can be legally deployed anywhere in the U.S. without requiring permission from a hotel or convention center. Consumer freedom of choice is protected thanks in part to a favorable FCC ruling TSI received in 2015 and the FCC’s WiFi Enforcement Advisory. The FCC’s recent fines of $600,000 against Marriott International and $750,000 against Smart City Networks for illegal WiFi signal jamming are proving to be an effective deterrent to those who might seek to interfere with consumer rights.

Framson continues, “The introduction of our 4G Mega Internet Kit tilts the balance of power and negotiating leverage in the meeting planner’s favor. This product transforms how planners think about and interact with technology at their meetings and events. We’re thrilled to provide a new, cost effective and innovative solution for our value-conscious clients.”

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About Trade Show Internet

Trade Show Internet is a specialty internet service provider for the trade show and meetings industry. With its Internet Kit rental solutions, the company puts affordable internet and WiFi access within reach for trade show exhibitors, meeting planners, event organizers, and conference hosts.

Since 2008, Trade Show Internet’s technology has been used at thousands of U.S. meetings and trade shows including the Consumer Electronics Show, Game Developers Conference, InfoComm, and the International Security Conference. The company serves as the official ISP for dozens of events each year, as well as the unofficial ISP for hundreds more.


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