Translation Giant Implements Cloud Solution to Manage Translators

Resource Management Software Matches Talent to Projects Across the Globe

Reston, Virginia, UNITED STATES

Annapolis, MD, July 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As Compass Languages business grew, so loomed large the challenges of working with over 3000 independent vendors and translators, to deliver translations in 500 foreign languages to their hundreds of clients. Managing a growing list of contractors and identifying the best one for each job finally required the company to look for a system to achieve greater efficiency. Compass typically puts together project teams to meet client’s objectives on extremely short notice. BizMerlin’s “in the cloud” resource management software enables them to manage all their vendors  and  incoming project requests, evaluate the skills of available personnel, staff those projects, and then deliver final work product on time.

Compass found that BizMerlin provides a full spectrum of resource management functions by forecasting how many team members are needed for current and future projects, putting together appropriately skilled teams at the right rate and visualizing how teams evolve overtime. As the margins are always thin in the professional services business, assembling a team that can successfully complete the project on time and profitably is the key. Traditional project management tools (like JIRA) are great at tasking, and BizMerlin’s Resource Management platform along with its skill matrix and performance management solutions make project management tools more effective by optimizing the preceding step of team allocation.

“As Compass is growing quickly, we chose BizMerlin because it offers an easy to use and configurable resource management solution that can meet our growing needs to staff hundreds of projects using thousands of human resources optimally and effectively,” explains Gary Shulties, Compass president.

With BizMerlin, Compass accurately knows the availability of resources and avoids under and over-utilizations that can be dangerous from both resource retention and project profitability perspectives. Knowing the exact resources already allocated on a project and their accurate skill assessments is a distinguishing feature that allows Compass to assemble successful teams day in and day out, in turn leading to predictable customer successes. “BizMerlin’s resource management solution allows our customers to have complete visibility into resource allocation in past, present as well as in the future.  By integrating with CRM solutions, such as SalesForce, BizMerlin is able to accurately forecast the resource requirements and this allows our professional services customers to deliver projects successfully and profitably”, explains Dr. Amrinder Arora, CTO of BizMerlin.

BizMerlin’s cloud based resource management software makes the process of software installation and long transition periods obsolete. Compass was able to sync BizMerlin with its email and other software systems and start taking advantage of everything BizMerlin has to offer immediately. BizMerlin also provides 24/7 technical support which assisted Compass team members as they learned how to implement the new software.

About Compass Languages

Washington DC based Compass Languages provides translation, interpreting, global marketing, software localization, website localization and multi-language audio visual services in over 500 languages. Established in 2001, Compass’ clients now consist of Fortune 500 clients, as well as the US Defense Industry, International Law Firms, Software companies and conferences. Compass Language has a staff and team of over 2500 translators who are dedicated to taking care of translation needs of their clients.

About BizMerlin

BizMerlin is an award winning company best known for its resource management software solutions, with customers ranging from mid size companies to Fortune 500 companies across the world. BizMerlin enables companies to effectively and efficiently manage, allocate and retain their team members and provide excellent services across multiple projects.  BizMerlin was founded in 2013 after its cofounders saw that businesses across all industries were losing revenue and wasting financial resources due to inefficient resource planning, allocation and forecasting. In recognizing this problem, they developed BizMerlin, which provides businesses with an integrated system for resource management by automating forecasting, planning, allocation and appraisal of any business’s invaluable human resources. BizMerlin’s cloud based software makes it easy and quick for any business to implement and execute.


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