VOSYSmonitor, the low latency Monitor layer for Mixed-Criticality Systems from Virtual Open Systems

GRENOBLE, France, July 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virtual Open Systems announces today the availability of VOSYSmonitor, an optimized high performance software monitor layer for the ARMv8-A architecture which enables the Electronic Control Unit consolidation trend in the automotive market, in particular by merging on a single hardware platform both real time applications and rich OS distributions such as Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), running as a host or a guest. In addition,  VOSYSmonitor can be considered as a solution to allow mixed-criticality scenarios in various market segments such as drone, mobile, industry 4.0, IoT, etc.

In particular, VOSYSmonitor partitions the system hardware to make possible the concurrent execution of a safety critical RTOS and a GPOS, such as Linux, with virtualization features (e.g., KVM). VOSYSmonitor isolates safety critical applications from rich OS and virtualized systems through ARM® Trustzone®, providing at the same time means to enable a safe and secure communication between them. The VOSYSmonitor design has been focused to give full priority to the safety critical applications in order to meet rigorous real-time constraints.

«We are proud to announce VOSYSmonitor 1.0, a powerful low latency monitor layer» said Daniel Raho, Virtual Open Systems director. «We have designed VOSYSmonitor from the start for minimum latency and to comply with ISO-26262 certification, while providing support to run an RTOS along with AGL on the same hardware. As member of Renesas Electronics' R-Car Consortium, VOSYSmonitor will be showcased on an R-Car H3 platform solution at the Tokyo Automotive Linux Summit 2016, on the 13th and 14th, July 2016».

VOSYSmonitor is the first step towards a full fledged automotive software stack, VOSYSAutmost, which will include advanced features such as hardware acceleration and networking virtualization, third party application support, split screen, over the air software updates, virtualized Trusted Platform Module, etc.

«Renesas' R-Car H3 is a state-of-the-art automotive computing platform with significantly improved cognitive computing and HMI computing capabilities for both advanced driving support systems as well as in-vehicle infotainment systems.» said Masayasu Yoshida, Senior Manager, Automotive Information Solution Business Division at Renesas Electronics Corporation. «The activity carried on by Virtual Open Systems on the monitor layer and virtualization of the IVI cluster will benefit to the R-Car ecosystem.»

About Virtual Open Systems:

Virtual Open Systems is a high tech company, pioneer in the field of mobile, embedded and server virtualization. The company expertise includes coordinated scheduling techniques to reduce guest interrupt latency, virtual machine acceleration (device API remoting, direct assignment and hardware assisted virtualization) and the ARM® Trustzone® virtualization to provide strong security, safety and real time services to KVM virtual machines. Additionally, the company is active in the field of NFV and networking virtualization, with VOSYSwitch, a high performance virtual switch for ARM® and Intel® processors.

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Contact : Daniel RAHO, Director
Email: contact@virtualopensystems.com

Press release (PDF) http://hugin.info/172823/R/2026546/753167.pdf