Skullcandy® Announces Official Audio Partnership with VRLA

Unveils Preview of New Crusher VRA™ Headphones

PARK CITY, Utah, Aug. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Skullcandy, Inc. (NASDAQ:SKUL), the performance and lifestyle audio brand founded at the intersection of music, sports, technology and creative culture, announces an official audio partnership with VRLA Summer Expo 2016. VRLA is the world’s largest virtual and augmented reality expo, welcoming both consumers and industry professionals. VRLA will serve as a platform for Skullcandy® to host product demos of the innovative Bluetooth® virtual reality headphone that they have been developing for early 2017 release.

“In our day to day lives, all the senses combine to create a meaningful or memorable experience,” said Hoby Darling, Skullcandy’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “There’s been remarkable progress with accessibility of hardware, software and content creation tools, but the majority of these advancements have been focused on elevating the visual VR experience. We’re here because we want to be catalysts for progressing the virtual reality audio, which we believe is an essential part of having a true VR experience.”

The brand’s first VR audio headphone, the new Crusher VRA™, features stereo haptic bass drivers that deliver directional bass you can feel, ferrofluid integration for broader, cleaner bass response and refined digital signal processing (DSP). This proprietary set of features combine to create industry-leading immersion and a premium multi-sensory experience. In another first for the brand, expo attendees can demo Crusher VRA with Skullcandy’s Audioscape VR app experience.

Audioscape is a pioneering VR music generator app, created in partnership with MediaMonks, that will debut at VRLA. Through simple user-interactions and clever development of looping custom music elements, you’re surrounded in the music you help create. Audioscape’s 360 spatial sound and responsive visuals that reinforce what you’re hearing create a rich audio/visual experience. The content demonstrates the power of designing a VR experience around audio.

As part of the event, Skullcandy will also collaborate with The Wave, Subpac, 3D Live, WeLens, and VRLA, to launch the world’s first silent VR rave experience that involves a lineup of 11 artists mixing live music inside VR across two days. Finally, Skullcandy will host an hour long panel with industry leaders to discuss VR audio innovations and partner with select exhibitors to supply headphones for their VR content.

VRLA will take place Friday, August 5th and Saturday August 6th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Learn more about Crusher VRA at

About Skullcandy:
Founded at the intersection of music, sports, technology and creative culture, Skullcandy® creates world-class audio and gaming products for the risk takers, innovators, and pioneers who inspire us all to live life at full volume. From new innovations in the science of sound and human potential, to collaborations with up-and-coming musicians and athletes, Skullcandy lives by its mission to inspire life at full volume through forward-thinking technologies and ideas, and leading edge design and materialization. Skullcandy designs, markets, and distributes audio and gaming headphones and other accessory-related products under the Skullcandy and 2XL® brands. The Company's products are sold and distributed through a variety of channels around the world from its global locations in Park City, London, Tokyo, Zurich, Mexico City, and Shanghai, as well as through partners in some of the most important cultural and sports hubs in the world. The Company's website can be found at

About VRLA:
Founded in 2014, The Virtual Reality Foundation is a non-profit that was created at the nexus of the emerging medium of virtual reality and Los Angeles' entertainment industry. The foundation produces the VRLA Expo, where virtual reality's new generation of technologists, enthusiasts and thinkers converge to try the latest experiences, consumer gear and creators' tools, and will host the third annual Proto Awards.


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