Temprano Techvestors Launches Unique “Bring Your Tech Business to America” Firm

Company provides fully operational business and partnership resources for successful European B2B tech firms to establish themselves in North America

Newton, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

NEWTON, N.C., Sept. 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Temprano Techvestors today announced its official company launch. Its mission: to help emerging-market software companies across Europe succeed in the U.S. and Canada by removing the barriers to entry into the North American market and essentially becoming its partners’ fully operational North American entity.

Temprano Techvestors not only invests capital, but also builds every element of its partners’ go-to-market strategy, including brand- and demand-building facets such as websites, sales teams, and technical support and implementation resources, and then executes it with Temprano staff.

The benefits it offers include removing the risks and hassles of dealing with U.S. income, sales, and employment-related taxation, establishing a physical location and entity, and avoiding the costs of staffing and sourcing the right talent. The company also is actively building a strong value-added reseller program as a key route to market for its partners, leveraging its extensive IT channel experience.

The company’s founder is Luke Walling, a long-time serial entrepreneur, accomplished angel investor, and corporate executive known for building high-growth B2B software businesses. A sampling of past experience includes executive positions at AVG and Avast Software; board member and the first investor in Sharpspring; and his first endeavor, Walling Data, which he started on his own in his parents’ basement at age 15.

“The problem is simple,” said Walling. “It’s challenging for a company with great products and success elsewhere in the world to bring that same outcome to the United States and Canadian markets. To say we have skin in the game is an understatement, because we actually become our partners’ North American operations, operating on a margin basis primarily. If they don’t win, we don’t win.”

Temprano Techvestors partners with companies that have well-engineered, proven technology products that are successful in B2B segments. Temprano’s model is high-risk, yet it is placing its bets on great companies with a proven track record of success in Europe. The company does not accept outside investment today and works on an exclusive basis with every partner.

Temprano Techvestors focuses primarily on technologies that support small to medium sized enterprises with 10 to 50-plus employees. Specific areas of interest include Software as a Service (SaaS) or electronically delivered, traditionally licensed software in security technology or adjacent categories. The ideal candidate for Temprano is a European business-to-business IT vendor with great products and a footprint in Europe but little to no North American exposure. To be effective and efficient in its partnerships, Temprano limits the number of engagements and expects to work on an exclusive basis with up to five partnerships maximum during its first 18 to 24 months.

The choice to locate its headquarters in North Carolina was a natural one:  the state ranks number two in information technology employment growth according to the North Carolina Technology Association. The City of Newton announced this morning [see link] that Temprano was awarded a grant to renovate an outdated office building in the city into a state-of-the-art facility to support tech sales, marketing, support, and engineering jobs. The company expects to create up to 75 new local jobs during the next three years.

About Temprano Techvestors
Based in Newton, North Carolina, Temprano Techvestors helps technology-focused emerging market small to medium enterprises in Europe successfully go to market in North America by investing in them with expertise, outsourcing, strategic partnerships, and capital. For more information about Temprano Techvestors, visit www.temprano.com or contact pr@temprano.com.


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