Worldwide $7 Trillion Augmented Reality (AR) Market Analysis: Market Shares, Strategies and Forecasts 2016 to 2027

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Game Based and Industrial End-To-End Process IoT Augmented Reality Modular AR markets Are Anticipated to Reach $7 Trillion by 2027

Worldwide AR markets are poised to achieve significant growth with the use of smartphone apps and headsets or glasses that are platforms to project digital information as images onto a game image or a work situation.

AR digital enhancement provides explanations and process predictions. Google pointed the way, as it so often does, to the AR opportunity with Google glass which failed, but spawned a large number of projects that have succeeded. All the AR vendors will reap the benefits of the Google original Google Glass huge AR marketing investment.

Augmented reality AR is set to become an indispensable part of people's lives. AR is poised to take off as part of the much heralded Internet of things (IoT). Digital images become as much a part of the real world as the things we can touch and feel as they are integrated into everyday life. The reality is augmented by the digital images. Augmented reality is a misnomer to the extent that it implies that reality is somehow has something superimposed on it. Instead the reality exists, and the digital images blend in to enhance the experience of reality, make it more understandable or more interesting. The reality is not changed, it is not made better, it is understood better.

Use-cases for AR proliferate. Pokemon Go points the way to, illustrates, the huge game market opportunity looming on the ubiquitous smart phones.

Adoption of AR technology in the enterprise is growing. AR headsets and glasses are used in manufacturing, logistics, remote service, retail, medical, and education. One popular AR application is providing see-what-I-see' functionality, enabling off-site specialists to provide real-time guidance and expertise to troubleshoot an issue. Others superimpose process steps by step information on dials and switches in workflow situations.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Augmented Reality and Map Based Gaming: Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1. Augmented Reality and Map Based Navigation
1.2. Industrial Communicating
1.3. Industry Wearable Computing
1.4. Augmented Reality Platforms for HealthCare Improve the Quality Of Life
1.5. Augmented Reality (AR) Is Overlaying Pieces Of A Virtual World Over The Real World

2. Augmented Reality Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1. Augmented Reality
2.2. Augmented Reality Market Shares
2.3. Augmented Reality Market Forecasts
2.4. Augmented Reality Use of Drones in GIS
2.5. GIS: Augmented Reality Automatic Translation
2.6. IOT
2.7. Virtual Reality Market
2.8. Augmented Reality Pricing
2.9. Augmented Reality Regional Analysis

3. Augmented Reality and Map Based Gaming Product Description
3.1. Pokémon GO
3.2. Microsoft / Mojang Minecraft
3.3. Sony PlayStation VR
3.4. Total Immersion
3.5. ACEP TryLive
3.6. Magic Leap
3.7. Shaper Origin Power Tool
3.8. Facebook Oculus
3.9. Apple
3.10. HTC Vive
3.11. Samsung Gear VR Powered by Oculus
3.12. Merge VR Goggles
3.13. Google
3.14. Meta
3.15. DAQRI
3.16. MDA Geospatial - International
3.17. Merrick & Company GIS
3.18. Esri ArcGIS
3.19. GE Grid Solutions Geospatial Systems
3.20. Septentrio GIS
3.21. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Glasses
3.22. Vuzix Augmented Reality
3.23. Epson Moverio AR Smart Glasses
3.24. PTC Vuforia
3.25. Google Glass Enterprise Edition

4. Augmented Reality Research and Technology
4.1. Augmented Reality
4.2. Augmented Reality Business Vertical Solutions
4.3. Virtual Reality Technology
4.4. Augmented Reality Technology: Niantic Gets the First Win
4.5. ARLab SDKs
4.6. DroidAR Open-Source Framework
4.7. Metaio SDK
4.8. Vuforia SDK
4.9. Wikitude AR SDK

5. Augmented Reality Company Profiles
5.1. ACEP / Try Live
5.2. Apple Augmented Reality (AR)
5.3. APX Labs
5.4. Atheer
5.5. Augmate Enterprise IT Deploys Smart Glasses
5.6. Augmedix
5.7. Blippar
5.8. CastAR
5.9. Daqri
5.10. Esri
5.11. Essence
5.12. Facebook / Oculus
5.13. GE Grid Solutions
5.14. Google
5.15. HP Aurasma Boosts Scalability and Performance for Augmented Reality with HP Cloud
5.16. HTC
5.17. IBM Augmented Reality
5.18. Infinity Augmented Reality
5.19. Intel / Recon Instruments
5.20. Kopin
5.21. Magic Leap
5.22. MDA
5.23. Merrick & Company
5.24. Microsoft
5.25. Niantic, Inc.
5.26. Osterhaut Group (ODG)
5.27. Pristine
5.28. PTC
5.29. Qualcomm
5.30. Samsung
5.31. SAP
5.32. Septentrio
5.33. Seiko Epson
5.34. Shenzhen Vigor Electronic Co.
5.35. Sigma-Aldrich
5.36. Sony
5.37. Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies
5.38. Total Immersion
5.39. Valve
5.40. Vuzix
5.41. Waygo
5.42. Wikitude
5.43. Yahoo
5.44. Augmented Reality Companies

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