Pihlajalinna recruits co-founders of the MeeDoc service, Wille Komulainen and Juho Koponen

Tampere, FINLAND

Pihlajalinna Plc       Press Release      11 November 2016 at 13.00

Pihlajalinna recruits co-founders of the MeeDoc service, Wille Komulainen and Juho Koponen

Pihlajalinna Group, a leading provider of private social and healthcare services in Finland, has recruited two co-founders of MeeDoc, an online doctor service. MeeDoc's Chief Medical Officer Wille Komulainen and Chief Technology Officer Juho Koponen will work full time for Pihlajalinna Group from 1 January 2017.

Pihlajalinna has long been the leading user of electronic service solutions in the outsourcing business for municipal social and healthcare services. It also has a long history of producing private digital health services. Pihlajalinna will accelerate the development of digital services, which are continuously growing in importance.

"Electronic channels will be the primary way of using intelligent services in the future. However, the importance of personal, face-to-face contact will not decrease. By introducing new services, we will ensure that health care professionals are able to focus on customer service," says Tuomas Otala, CIO of Pihlajalinna. "Wille and Juho will bring us solid knowhow in the production of digital solutions, and a wealth of ideas for new services."

Wille Komulainen, M.D., will assume the position of Development Director, Healthcare Services. He believes that the leap from startup to large corporation will open up new opportunities.

"I have always believed in change through entrepreneurship. However, Pihlajalinna combines the spirit of getting things done with values and a customer-oriented approach that are needed in Finnish healthcare," Komulainen says. "With MeeDoc, we were able to revolutionise traditional operating models and scratch the surface of problems. At Pihlajalinna, we will have the opportunity to influence the development of Finnish healthcare - which is struggling due to the weakening dependency ratio - on a much larger scale."

Juho Koponen, who will assume the position of Development Director, Digital Services, believes that he and Komulainen will be able to leverage their pioneering work at Pihlajalinna.

"Now we will be able to comprehensively improve the patient care process, in which digital services will play a key role. I am confident that the lessons we have learned in developing telemedicine at MeeDoc and which we will now bring to Pihlajalinna will help us to produce modern health services that are both efficient and convenient for the customer," Koponen said.

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