Releases First Open Source Project

Alpha Release of IronFunctions Brings Serverless Computing to Enterprises Seeking Open Source Options, Boosts Developer Productivity

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 15, 2016) -, a leading provider of enterprise job processing solutions, today released its first open source project, IronFunctions, which improves the developer experience by allowing developers to focus solely on code rather than on systems management and infrastructure. As a result, developers can be much more productive.

With IronFunctions, workload management is performed at the functional code-level rather than at the virtual machine (VM) or even container level. The idea of IronFunctions is that the format and structure can be standardized and should include abstractions built for developers aimed at enabling portability to any cloud -- public, private, and hybrid or even on-premises. This is a key benefit of IronFunctions as more organizations look for the functionality of a serverless platform with the versatility to move workloads into any environment.'s release of IronFunctions sits at the convergence of open source and the serverless computing trend. Serverless computing, sometimes referred to as event-driven computing or functions as a service (FaaS), makes it possible to instrument and easily move workloads by abstracting away the physical infrastructure for developers while optimizing the underlying hardware for IT operators. Functions are containerized single-purpose blocks of code that have become the new atomic units of scale.

"The IronFunctions open source project allows us to contribute back to the developer community, while providing a missing piece of the open source enterprise stack," said Chad Arimura, CEO and co-founder of "IronFunctions enables synchronous job processing in very tight, single-purpose containers. The launch is good news for our enterprise customers that want open source options and for partners that have wanted to include open source as part of the stack."

"Serverless computing will play an integral role in modern, real-time applications, and is helping bring it to mainstream enterprises with IronFunctions," said Tobias Knaup, Co-founder and CTO, Mesosphere. "Paired with our open source DC/OS platform, serverless computing provides users with unprecedented levels of flexibility, scalability and operational simplicity."

"It's great to see companies like embark on the open source movement and collaborate with the broader developer community," said Boris Resnski, Co-Founder and CMO at Mirantis. "We've had the opportunity to preview IronFunctions' serverless capabilities in our labs.'s write once, run anywhere framing model makes it a very valuable service to many technology providers and customers alike."

Availability: The alpha release of IronFunctions is currently available for download at the IronFunctions GitHub page.

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