Mobifalcon Releases New Local Shopping App for iOS

moblMall, the Mobile Mall app for iOS, is now available on the Apple App Store

Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES

Dallas, Nov. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobifalcon Inc., a Dallas based mobile technology development startup has announced that their local shopping App, moblMall is now available on the Apple App Store just in time for the upcoming shopping season. The release of moblMall is meant to help eliminate the need for consumers driving from store to store searching for products to buy as the holiday shopping heats up. In most cases, consumers get to the store only to realize the store does not have the item in stock. Having an option to browse all stores in one App versus downloading many Apps saves time and makes shopping easy, fun and efficient.


“Mobifalcon is changing the way the world shops in a new and unique way by enabling businesses and customers to connect and transact mobile business in a way that results in an unprecedented customer experience for the consumer and an unparalleled return on investment for the businesses,” said Sam Addo, Vice President of Business Development at Mobifalcon.


moblMall currently gives consumers access to over 2 billion products from 500,000 stores across the US. With moblMall, there is no need to drive from store to store browsing and shopping.   Customers can search for any item on moblMall. moblMall tells you all stores around you that sells that item, store locations, phone numbers to call to verify availability. moblMall also give GPS directions to all stores for those who need directions.


moblMall takes the guess out of local shopping, now shoppers know that the item you are looking for is available before visiting the store. If you wish to order instead of going to the store, moblMall gives you shopping cart access to all stores so you can order what you need for in-store pickup or shipping based on the services offered by the store. For this shopping season, shoppers can use moblMall to skip the black Friday and Christmas shopping lines and buy for in-store pickup at your convenience.


“Mobifalcon is revolutionizing the shopping experience by combining the ease of online shopping with local storefronts,” said Robert Brevelle, Managing Director of Tech Wildcatters. “Who better to lead this revolution than the Mobifalcon team? With over 60 patents, the team continues to be at the forefront of technology and emerging opportunities, and with the release of this new app, their first step is strategically bridging the gap between small and medium sized businesses and the customer.” Mobifalcon is currently going through the Gauntlet Program at Tech Wildcatters, a venture capital seed fund and nationally ranked accelerator.


moblMall is free for all users. In a few weeks, moblMall will fully enable businesses that do not have their own mobile Apps to customize a Mobile Store Front that they can use to transact mobile business with all mobile App features. Businesses can link their products/services to their Mobile Store Front to enable users to shop in their store anywhere, anytime for pickup, delivery or shipping.   A pilot program will be announced soon, in the meantime any business can signup to try this feature for free.


Please download moblMall from

and start searching to shop anytime, anywhere for free.


If you need more information , you can visit for moblMall demo videos and what else we have coming soon to App stores.



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