Enfuse Vapory’s TFN Nicotine® E-Liquids Take Home Three Notable Awards

Enfuse Vapory Named Rookie of the Year While its flavors ‘Red, White & Chew’ and ‘Cream of the Crop’ Win Big

SAN DIEGO, March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enfuse Vapory wins Rookie of the Year at National Vape Expo and celebrates two additional award wins for its TFN Nicotine® e-liquids. In August 2016, Enfuse partnered with Next Generation Labs to create four e-liquid flavors developed with TFN Nicotine® and today, Enfuse celebrates the success of these brands following recent award wins.

Developed by Next Generation Labs, TFN Nicotine® is a test-verified non-tobacco derived synthetic nicotine created for the vape industry. E-liquids that use TFN benefit from virtually odorless and tasteless nicotine, which creates richer and stronger flavors for adult vape consumers, without compromising on nicotine satisfaction.

Enfuse Vapory maximized on this distinctive flavor profile with the introduction of four flavors. Since launching its TFN brands in 2016, Enfuse has received extremely positive feedback from the industry; this community support has now been further validated by two award wins from Giant Vapes at the Vape Showcase: ‘Red, White & Chew’ won ‘Best Berries’ while ‘Cream of the Crop’ won ‘Best Tobacco’.

Raymond Shin of Enfuse comments, “For us, these awards validate the hard work we put into our products. From the outset we wanted the amazing flavors of our e-liquids crafted with TFN to speak for themselves, so we’re incredibly proud to have won three important awards recently. Our hope is that adults in the vaping community will enjoy our e-liquids as much as we enjoyed creating them.

We believe that TFN Nicotine is redefining what a premium e-liquid should taste like, and Enfuse’s recent success proves that adult vapers feel the same way,” adds Vincent Schuman, CEO of Next Generation Labs

Learn more about Enfuse and its award-winning e-liquids at www.enfusevapory.com.

Learn more about Next Generation Labs and TFN Nicotine® at www.nextgenerationlabs.com.

About Next Generation Labs
Founded in 2014, Next Generation Labs developed TFN Nicotine®, the world’s leading synthetic nicotine that is not derived from tobacco. TFN Nicotine is used in over 40 e-liquid brands in the US and is playing a central role in revolutionizing the e-cigarette and vaping industry.

About Enfuse Vapory
Enfuse Vapory started with one simple idea: to create deliciously complex, masterfully nuanced flavors that would withstand the test of time.


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