Innocoll announces regulatory path forward after receiving formal FDA Type A meeting minutes regarding its XARACOLL® (bupivacaine HCl collagen-matrix implant) New Drug Application

ATHLONE, Ireland, March 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innocoll Holdings plc (NASDAQ:INNL) ("Innocoll" or the "Company"), a global, commercial-stage, specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company, today announced receipt of formal Type A Meeting minutes from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relating to its New Drug Application (NDA) for XARACOLL (bupivacaine HCl collagen-matrix implant).  XARACOLL is the company’s product in development for the treatment of postsurgical pain.

Innocoll received a Refusal to File (RTF) Letter from the FDA in December 2016 pertaining to the XARACOLL NDA initially submitted on October 31, 2016.  In the RTF letter, the FDA indicated among other things, that XARACOLL should be characterized as a drug/device combination, which would require that the Company submit additional information.  During the Type A meeting, representatives of the FDA, after reviewing information provided by Innocoll to address matters raised in the RTF letter, provided guidance which was confirmed in the formal FDA meeting minutes.  The minutes serve as the official record of the FDA response to our proposal to address certain issues raised in the RTF by conducting an additional short-term pharmacokinetic study and several short-term non-clinical toxicology and biocompatibility studies. Innocoll believes, if adequately financed and successful, such studies may be completed in time for a resubmission of the NDA at the end of 2017.  Data from these studies, along with additional manufacturing information required to address the new combination product designation and other chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) issues, are expected to be included in the resubmission.  The acceptability of this data and other data that we reviewed with FDA during the meeting will be evaluated by the FDA during its review of the resubmission.

“I am pleased that we have clarified the data needed to address the questions raised in the RTF letter. With the official minutes from the FDA now in hand, we believe that we have a path forward for a possible resubmission of the XARACOLL NDA by the end of 2017, assuming adequate financing to commence the proposed studies, and further assuming positive results,” said Tony Zook, CEO of Innocoll.


XARACOLL is Innocoll’s late-stage surgically implantable and bioresorbable collagen matrix developed to provide sustained postsurgical pain relief through controlled delivery of bupivacaine at the surgical site.

About Innocoll Holdings plc

Innocoll is a global, commercial stage specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company with late stage development programs targeting areas of significant unmet medical need. Innocoll utilizes its proprietary collagen-based technology platform to develop biodegradable and fully bioresorbable products and product candidates which can be broken down by the body without the need for surgical removal or topical application.

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The scientific information discussed in this news release related to Innocoll's product candidates is preliminary and investigative. Such product candidates are not approved by the FDA, and no conclusions can or should be drawn regarding the safety or effectiveness of the product candidates.

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