Veteran’s Freedom Retreat Brings Innovative Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome Program to Dallas-Fort Worth Area Vets

Non-Profit Extends Thanks to Anchor Sponsors One Network Enterprises and AT&T Foundation for Ongoing Support

DALLAS, May 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Veteran’s Freedom Retreat (VFR), a unique 501c3 pending program that addresses the unmet needs of Veterans and their significant others suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), today announced that it is launching the highly successful week-long retreat in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With more than 30 percent of the 228,000 veterans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area affected by PTSD, the program will help veterans identify and control the triggers of PTSD episodes. The ongoing, weeklong retreat is designed to provide relief for veterans suffering from the stress of past traumas, and is free to participants and their families by applying here. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or to donate to this important, life-changing initiative, click here.

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One participant stated, “I cannot say how much all of this has given me a foothold on a more controlled life. My life prior to the retreat has been filled with anger and made many family members walk on egg-shells. Through the Veteran’s Freedom Retreat, I feel like my life was given a chance at rebirth.” 

According to, more than 540,000 veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD afflicts: almost 31 percent of Vietnam veterans; as many as 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans; and 11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan. However, of those that are diagnosed with PTSD and report symptoms, almost half never receive treatment. For those that do seek help, only approximately 50 percent receive “minimally adequate” treatment.

The Dallas-Fort Worth effort is made possible by the generous support of donors and key sponsors including: One Network Enterprises, a Dallas-based global provider of secure, multi-party, SaaS and PaaS cloud networks; The AT&T Foundation, the corporate philanthropy organization of AT&T Inc.; and Lighthouse Fellowship a United Methodist Community of Faith whose Pastor, Frank Briggs, is helping lead the effort.

“Without anchor sponsors like One Network, we wouldn’t be able to bring this free, dynamic and effective program to our Dallas-Fort Worth veterans,” said Briggs. “I can’t thank CEO Greg Brady enough for his ongoing commitment and for helping in this important effort.”

Veteran’s Freedom Retreat is modeled after another successful program that was initially rolled out in New Mexico in 2009. The National Veterans Health and Healing Center, which was started by Air Force Colonel and an Army physician at Walter Reed Hospital, yielded significant results including a 30 percent reduction in symptoms for both the veteran and their spouse. Veteran’s Freedom Retreat held a pilot program in Dallas in October of 2016, and saw a 38 percent reduction in symptoms from that test group. Going forward, the program will capture statistics and measure results over a longer period of time.

One Network CEO Greg Brady commented, “We work extensively with the U.S. Armed Services and are always pleased when we can hire veterans at One Network. Through our work with various military branches we have come to understand the challenges these brave men and women face after they leave the service.  We are pleased to sponsor Veteran’s Freedom Retreat, and are excited about this particular program, because we have seen how this innovative approach has helped our local Vets deal with this terrible affliction and the tremendous value it brings to military families.”

"This was exactly what my husband and I needed,” said another program participant. “We are leaving in a better place than where we were when we stepped through the door. It has been emotional, but brought the greatest opportunity we have ever had to help save our marriage and ourselves as individuals.”

Briggs noted that participants are required to bring a partner to the retreat, so they can help the veteran keep the training front of mind.

About The Veteran's Freedom Retreat

The Veteran's Freedom Retreat (VFR) provides for the unmet needs of Veterans, and a significant other, to relieve the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During the week-long retreats, participants are taught about PTSD, including its impact on brain function, physiological responses, and are trained to find the coping mechanisms that provide the greatest relief for the Veteran and their significant other. The VFR includes a multifaceted approach to healing of the body, mind and spirit through cognitive therapy and includes alternative modalities for healing, including Native American healing techniques. Retreat participants overall experience a minimum of a 30 percent reduction in PTSD symptoms a year after the conclusion of the retreat.  To learn more visit

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