GoZoneWiFi and Sky Packets Launch A Large WiFi Proximity Advertising Channel to Monetize Hundreds of Public WiFi Sites

Initial Locations Will Drive Geo-targeted Ads To Engage Consumers In New York City, Boston, Boulder, Vancouver and Washington, D.C.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., May 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoZoneWiFi has been selected by Sky Packets, owners and operators of large public WiFi districts, to transform community WiFi zones into powerful proximity advertising channels with GoZone's Ads4WiFi™ platform, which enables operators to deliver relevant location-based ads across its WiFi networks.

The long-term, exclusive partnership gives advertisers the opportunity to reach millions of mobile, connected visitors leveraging GoZoneWiFi's Ads4WiFi advertising media network. The addition of Sky Packets' locations including New York City, Boston, Boulder, Vancouver and Washington D.C., increases the overall footprint of the Ads4WiFi Media Network allowing advertisers to easily choose specific markets and demographics for targeted engagements.

"GoZoneWiFi's Ads4WiFi™ is bringing WiFi operators together into an innovative media network that gives WiFi providers the ability to generate new revenue streams," said Todd Myers, CEO of GoZoneWiFi. "This partnership means advertisers and agencies can leverage consumer mobile WiFi use to achieve improved ad targeting and efficiency," he added. The partnership can place brands in front of people for a much higher engagement rate compared to other forms of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising mediums.

Sky Packets has deployed tier-one wireless infrastructure in large urban zones across the United States. For example in New York City, Sky Packets currently manages WiFi corridors from the tip of Lower Manhattan up to 138st in Harlem and across the five boroughs. Within these hot-zones, users can use the Internet without losing WiFi signal.

"Sky Packets has been implementing and managing large municipal WiFi networks in diverse communities throughout the country. Our new WiFi Ads service must have a platform that can meet the needs of the individual networks we deploy and the Ads4WiFi solution is flexible and scalable enough to handle all of our needs,” said Henry Quintin, CEO of Sky Packets.

About GoZoneWiFi
GoZoneWiFi develops cloud-based platforms to monetize public and guest WiFi networks. GoZone's Ads4WiFi™ platform manages the delivery of geo-targeted, digital advertisements to people using public and guest WiFi networks. The Ads4WiFi Media Network aggregates disparate networks allowing operators to sell advertisements matched to locations. Its innovative Smart WiFi™ platform enables WiFi operators to collect user data, while delivering unique marketing tools to help venues promote their businesses and re-target guests. For advertising opportunities, visit http://www.ads4wifi.com.

About Sky Packets
Sky Packets designs, installs and maintains WiFi Mesh networks and new smart city applications to bridge the interaction between people and public/private spaces. With our powerful, turnkey, integrated set of applications and hardware solutions, municipalities, BID's property owners and event coordinators can attract, engage, and delight customers and residents by delivering experiences that are relevant, helpful, and personalized. For more information visit us at www.skypackets.nyc


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