New RapidFire Tools Data Breach Liability Report Quantifies Financial Risk of Personal Data on the Network

MSPs confirm the tool has detected tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of potential liability among their client base — and helped them win incremental business

ATLANTA, May 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RapidFire Tools, Inc. has added new reporting capabilities to its Network Detective Security Module that spotlights an often-overlooked area of network vulnerability: personal identifiable information (PII). The Data Breach Liability Report allows MSPs to search a client’s network and report specific instances of PII — including credit card information, birthdays, social security numbers, and driver’s license numbers — which could result in significant PCI violation fines or other liabilities. The clear-cut and detailed reporting provides MSPs with the potential financial impact of PII exposure, based on industry sources.

MSPs who have used the tool and run the report say that it has detected tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of dollars of potential liability among their client base, enough to astonish end-customers. In a recent survey of MSPs utilizing the new tool, one MSP stated that the report revealed $500,000 in calculated liability due to PII. Other MSPs identified more than $56,000, $61,000, and $79,000 worth of liability for their clients, respectively, all based on PCI compliance fees that could be levied should that information be compromised.

“Clients do not understand the impact that a data breach will have on their organization. They’ve been shocked when presented with the numbers,” said Matthew Minikel of River Run, a RapidFire Tools MSP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “The tool allowed us to identify those PII data locations and gave us the insight needed for clients to change their workflows before it’s too late.”

The Data Breach Liability Report tool goes further than detecting critical data vulnerabilities. It also produces a granular “Risk Summary” listing individual instances of PII, card-by-credit card.

The report examines the security of computers in question and quantifies the breach probability of detected PII so MSPs can correct client processes, secure data, and avoid liability. It also lists significant details regarding the amount and type of PII stored on the client’s business network.

“The level of information generated by the Data Breach Liability tool provides a bottom-line look at network security that a financial-minded client will take to heart,” said Doug Hoffman of CTC Networks, a managed service provider in Franklin, Tennessee. Hoffman’s company was able to sign a new client by leveraging the Network Detective Data Breach Liability Report.

“We’re all coming to grips with the fact that many data breaches are initiated internally, making businesses that utilize personal data particularly vulnerable, especially those working with PCI- or healthcare-related information,” said Michael Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “Executives are often stunned to see the depth of their network vulnerability, not to mention the potential financial implications resulting from such a breach. Our report outlines the specific data that needs to be addressed in order to alleviate risk, and that creates a very persuasive argument for mediation.”

To learn more about the new RapidFire Tools Data Breach Liability Report tool, MSP can download this white paper, which includes a detailed sample report and Risk Summary.

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