FRINX and SoftBank Collaborate to Create Open-Source Based Network Operations System

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, June 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FRINX and SoftBank are collaborating and have created an open-source based operations system for SoftBank's networks. FRINX is providing support for its distribution of OpenDaylight, enabling SoftBank to focus on creating their applications.

FRINX offers a fully supported version of OpenDaylight (FRINX ODL Distribution) that makes it a reliable infrastructure onto which SoftBank creates applications to manage their networks. Meanwhile, FRINX provides support, quality assurance and performance enhancements to the code base and manages the up-streaming process. SoftBank also uses the FRINX Smart Build Engine - a development and test environment - that allows customers to automate the build process and system tests for OpenDaylight and its applications in minutes, compared to weeks or months with Do-It-Yourself solutions.

“Open Source has become the de-facto standard for developing new applications in the networking space and SoftBank is one of the leaders in the telecommunications industry leveraging that trend.” said FRINX co-founder and CEO Gerhard Wieser. FRINX and SoftBank are moving the industry forward by building their applications on a supported open-source foundation to evolve SoftBank’s network operations.

Read more about the FRINX ODL Distribution and the FRINX Smart Build Engine here:

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FRINX was founded in 2016 in Bratislava and consists of a team of passionate developers and industry professionals who want to change the way networking software is developed, deployed and used. FRINX offers distributions of OpenDaylight and in conjunction with support services and is proud to have service provider and enterprise customers from the Fortune Global 500 list.


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