EarthLink helps secure public Wi-Fi connections with Norton™ WiFi Privacy

ATLANTA, June 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EarthLink, a leading internet provider dedicated to delivering great customer experiences, today announced the availability of Norton™ WiFi Privacy for EarthLink customers. Norton WiFi Privacy is a powerful, yet easy-to-use virtual private network (VPN) for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices that helps shield consumers’ information from hackers snooping on unsecure wireless (Wi-Fi) networks.

EarthLink is the first Internet Service Provider to offer Norton WiFi Privacy to its customers.

“We are delighted to be the first of Symantec’s Internet Service Provider partners to make Norton WiFi Privacy available to our customers,” said Jennifer Spindel, senior vice president and managing director of EarthLink. “Many consumers are not aware that using a password to access public Wi-Fi doesn’t always ensure their personal information is safe. Norton WiFi Privacy will help consumers protect important information such as bank accounts, credit card numbers and online passwords over public Wi-Fi.”

Public Wi-Fi networks are open networks that anyone, including cybercriminals, can access. These networks are plentiful and convenient, providing consumers with on-the-go internet access at coffee shops, airports and hotels. However, many public Wi-Fi networks don’t encrypt sensitive information, leaving the information vulnerable to hackers as it travels across the web. Unfortunately, as the 2016 Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report revealed, only 42 percent of US consumers could tell the difference between a secure and an unsecure Wi-Fi network. Further, 61 percent of US consumers believed their personal information was protected when they logged onto public Wi-Fi.

When enabled, Norton WiFi Privacy uses sophisticated encryption technology that scrambles personal information and helps make data unreadable to hackers. It also blocks ad trackers and helps consumers browse anonymously by masking their location and online activities.

“We’re pleased to help EarthLink customers secure their wireless connections with Norton WiFi Privacy,” said Fredrik Torstensson, senior vice president, global sales and field marketing, consumer business unit, Symantec. “With sophisticated encryption, multi-device and multi-platform support, Norton WiFi Privacy will help protect customers’ information from being exposed or shared across unsecure networks.”

Monthly multi-platform and multi-device subscriptions for Norton WiFi Privacy are now available for purchase via EarthLink here. Consumers can protect up to five devices for $5.95 per month or up to 10 devices for $7.95 per month.

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