Sense Introduces Skill for Amazon Alexa to Monitor Home Energy Use

New integration allows even unconnected devices to integrate with Alexa

Cambridge, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, June 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sense, the home intelligence platform that interprets the power usage and activity of devices in the home, today announced the integration of its platform with Alexa. The Sense skill for Alexa lets families become more aware of their energy use. They will now be able to ask Alexa how much energy they are using or solar they are producing, as well as the status of any device that Sense detects. Through this integration, the Sense Skill for Amazon Alexa enables even traditional, unconnected appliances to become part of the smart home. The new Sense skill for Alexa is available to anyone with both a Sense monitor and an Alexa-enabled device.

How it works:
Sense users can enable the skill in the Alexa Skills Store by linking their Sense account.
Families can then interact with the Sense skill for Amazon Alexa with a selection of prompts such as:

  • Alexa, ask Sense how much energy are we using?
  • Alexa, ask Sense whether I left the oven on?
  • Alexa, ask Sense what time my garage door closed?

Quote from Michael Phillips, CEO and Co-Founder, Sense:
“For home automation to provide real value to a consumer, we need robust data and widespread device integration that allows devices to be intelligent. Sense’s high-resolution monitoring and analysis can help make this happen. By integrating our platform with Amazon Alexa, we are making it easier to bring energy insights to homeowners and enabling unconnected devices in the home to become smart.”

The Sense skill for Alexa will be available to all Sense users who have an Alexa-enabled device. For more on the Sense skill for Alexa, please visit Sense is priced at $299 and available for purchase on the Sense website.

About Sense
Sense's mission is to make all homes intelligent by keeping people informed about what's happening in their homes, and helping to make them safer, more efficient, and more reliable. Founded in 2013 by pioneers in speech recognition, Sense uses high resolution power metering and machine learning technology to provide real-time insights on device behavior, even for those devices that are not "smart." Customers rely on Sense for a wide range of uses including checking what time their kids get home, monitoring their home appliances, determining whether they left appliances running or doors open and identifying how to reduce their energy costs. Sense is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. To make sense of your energy, visit:


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