Fiksu DSP Adds Powerful Self-Serve Functionality to its Demand Side Platform

New offering gives agencies and brand marketers the transparency, viewability and protection they need to optimize ad performance

BOSTON, June 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiksu DSP, the data-fueled mobile marketing technology company, has launched a self-serve product to its demand side platform that will enable customers to reach new audiences and more effectively engage existing ones on mobile. The new platform – now available on a limited basis – offers ad viewability thresholds, transparency into campaign performance and the ability for users to blacklist and whitelist specific publishers to protect against unwanted placements.

“Mobile advertising is proven to be a highly-effective and efficient channel for engaging target audiences – and the success has left brands and agencies wanting more,” said Matt McGinty, Chief Revenue Officer at Fiksu DSP. “Self-serve capabilities are in high demand among marketers today. We’ve now delivered on that demand, and our new platform empowers marketers to expand their campaigns outside of ‘walled gardens’ – allowing them to reach and influence more users with best-in-class targeting, personas and lookalike audiences.”

Fiksu DSP’s self-serve interface gives agencies, brand managers and media buyers an easy and intuitive way to run mobile advertising campaigns. The platform positions users to run high-performance campaigns by:

  • Gaining complete transparency and control with visibility into the performance of campaigns in near real time.
  • Setting an ad viewability threshold. Marketers can combat fraud and ensure ads are actually seen by setting guaranteed viewability thresholds within the platform.
  • Protecting their brand by ensuring ads don’t appear on unwanted publishers or next to undesirable content.

The self-service interface also offers performance marketers access to Fiksu’s leading mobile DSP, which draws on more than seven years of data across more than four billion mobile devices. Marketers will benefit from Fiksu’s proprietary audience building tools, empowering them to target exactly the right users and scale reach over time.

Self-serve customers will be able to actively manage ready-built mobile personas to instantly tap into focused groups of users – such as Urban Dwellers, Sports Fans, or Mobile Shoppers – and oversee proprietary lookalike modeling which can significantly improve results by continually expanding and updating audiences.

“By using our robust targeting offerings, marketers are able to find their ‘true audience’ with accuracy and precision,” said McGinty. “Now, Fiksu customers will be able to take action into their own hands and manipulate our machine-learning algorithms to optimize campaigns intuitively and transparently, in real time, to achieve outstanding performance across leading programmatic exchanges.”

“This new capability puts the power of billions of data points directly into the hands of agencies, brands and buyers,” said Mel Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at Fiksu DSP. “We’re proud to bring a new level of performance, visibility and safety to our customers.”

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Fiksu DSP combines a massive, proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools to reach high-quality audiences at scale using the top RTB exchanges. Fiksu DSP has executed thousands of successful mobile campaigns to connect brands, agencies and app advertisers to audiences that spend time and money inside the apps they download. Clients include Amazon, Disney, Groupon, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starcom. Based in Boston, Mass., Fiksu DSP is backed by Noosphere Ventures.

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