To Commemorate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, EventMobi Launches Volunteer Program and Empowers Employees to Give Back

  • On the eve of Canada's 150th anniversary, EventMobi commits 150 company days for volunteer experiences that employees choose for themselves

TORONTO, June 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canadian technology startup EventMobi, the global leader in conference and meetings technology, is launching a new program, 150 Days of Action, which kicks off July 1st – Canada's milestone anniversary, to provide employees with meaningful opportunities to give back to their communities. As part of the program, EventMobi will offer and incent employees to contribute to a total of 150 company days dedicated to volunteer work of their choice.

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“As a Canadian company with clients and staff around the globe, we could not be more proud to be headquartered in one of the most innovative and inclusive countries in the world,” said Bob Vaez, President, EventMobi. “The new 150 Days of Action program is one of the ways EventMobi can commemorate Canada’s milestone anniversary by giving back to the communities we work and live in. We are excited to launch this program on Canada Day and inspire our staff to be Helpful and Empathetic – values that are core to our company and part of Canadian culture.”

The EventMobi 150 Days of Action program empowers employees to pursue volunteer experiences tailored to their interests and passions, and will rally the company to reach the 150 day goal with initiatives including: a recognition program; real-time 150 day online dashboard gauge; blogging and social sharing; and ongoing internal communications. In addition, employees are able to pursue team-based volunteer opportunities to support team building and engagement.

“We are committed to building an environment where employees feel they are doing meaningful work and are inspired to make a positive impact in the world,” said Vaez. “In developing the EventMobi 150 Days of Action program, we wanted to ensure it provided flexibility, freedom of choice and created a shared goal everyone could get behind.”

As part of the program kick-off, the EventMobi leadership team is getting set to reveal their chosen volunteer opportunity. To learn more visit the EventMobi blog and follow EventMobi on Twitter @EventMobi, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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