Roxanne Shante Returns as Host of Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show Sep 15th in NYC Inducting LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Crash Crew, Whodini, Beatstreet and More….

Thompson International Professionals to Executive Produce HHHOF Awards Show with Matt Smith Producer, and Tony Dofat As Music Director. Tickets On-Sale Now Hip Hop Hall of Fame Website

NEW YORK, July 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hip Hop Icon and Female MC Roxanne Shante returns to Co-Host the Official 2017 Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show ‘Induction Ceremony & Concert’ taping for television broadcast in New York City at The United Palace Theater in Uptown Manhattan on Friday, July 15, 2017 at 7pm and tickets are on-sale now at . Roxanne Shante hails from Queens, NY and was part of Hip Hop Legend Marley Marl’s Juice Crew All Stars. She was signed to WBLS’s Mr. Magic and Tyrone ‘Fly-Ty’ Williams Cold Chillin Record Label. Her Roxanne Wars MC battles along with her Queensbridge & Bronx battles will all play out in a movie about her life produced by Forrest Whitaker.

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‘Ms. Shante did such a great job hosting the 2014 Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show, it’s an honor to have her return to the Hip Hop Hall of Fame stage,’ stated show creator and executive producer JT Thompson, the founder/chairman of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum development project to Manhattan, who first produced the show in the early 1990s which broadcast on national syndicated television and on the BET Network. 

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum 2017 Inductees were unveiled at a 20th Anniversary national press conference held at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem, NY. The museum officials talked about winning its bid to recently to purchase a Harlem building and development site on 125th St, and revealed plans to raise $150m in major 3 year capital campaign to build a 20 story museum & entertainment complex and create new jobs, job training & educational programs, house an arts & media academy, provide internships, culinary training, and produce live events and content. The project is expected to stimulate an estimated $350m socio-economic impact annually in the tri-state area.

‘We are proud to unveil the 2017 Inductee Class of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame include Solo Artists, Groups, DJs, Dancers, Graffiti Artists, Film, Record Labels, a historic Venue and contributors to hip hop music and culture,’ stated Kenny ‘DJ Lord Yoda X’ Syder a show co-producer.

The Solo Artists

LL Cool J

LL Cool J From Queens NY was signed to Def Jam records recording 12 albums for the label. He also has an exstensive T.V and movie career. He appear in such shows as “In the House”, NCIS LA and “Lip Sync Battle”. His film credits include Krush Groove, In Too Deep and “Any Given Sunday” and many more.

Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Blow’s first record was in 1979 entitled “Christmas Rap”. Kurtis Blow also recorded many records including “The Breaks”, “Basketball” and “If I Ruled the World”. He was the first rap star be signed to a major label being signed to Mercury Records. He Also produced many groups as well as starred in the movie “Krush Groove”.

The Groups

The Cold Crush Brothers

The Cold Crush Brothers are from the Bronx, NY. They featured members Grandmaster Caz, JDL, Easy A.D., Almighty K.G., DJ’s Tony Tone and Charlie Chase. This group was formed in the late 70’s and were known for their many routines and performed at all the hip-hop clubs and shows throughout NY. They also were featured in the movie “Wild Style”.

The Crash Crew

Harlem’s own Crash Crew was one of the first groups to come out of Harlem. This group consisted of DJ Darryl C, Reggie Reg, E.K. Mike C, Barry Bistro, Lashubee and Gee Man. They were the first group to record their own record “High Powered Rap” on Mike and Dave Records, and they later signed with Sugar Hill Records where they traveled the world.

The Fantastic Five

The Fantastic 5 M.C’s were from the Bronx, NY. They featured members Grand Wizzard Theodore who is credited with inventing the scratch and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell. This group was featured in the movie “Wild Style”. They were known for their routines and dance steps by M.C’s Waterbed Kev, Master Rob, Rubie Dee, Prince Whipper Whip and Dot-A Rock (R.I.P).

The Master Don Committee

The Master Don Committee who hailed from Harlem were known for their hit record “Funk Box” whose hook was ‘Make’em say ungh, nah nah nah nah’ which was later remade by Master P as one of his biggest hits. This group consisted of DJ Master Don, female MC Pebblee Poo, Johnnie G, Gangster G and Keith K.C.

The Disco Four and The Entertainer’s Basketball League

The Disco Four were from Harlem and signed to Hall of fame record label Enjoy Records. The group consisted of DJ Al Bee, Ronnie D, Greg G, Mr. Troy, Country.  Kool G. Greg is also the founder of The Entertainer’s Basketball classic that is played at the world famous Rucker Park in NYC, that was started as a rap group battle on the basketball court. The court at Rucker Court was just renamed in his honor.

The Soulsonic Force

The Soulsonic Force hail from the Bronx, where Bronx River was their home. The group featured Afrika Bambaataa, Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow and M.C. G.L.O.B.E.! This historic group goes way back to hip hop's beginnings. In the early 80’s they recorded Planet Rock, a record which helped create a whole new genre of music known as electro funk, and it was sampled with dozens of spin-offs.


The group Whodini featured MC’s Jahlil and Ecstasy, and later DJ Grandmaster Dee. This duo out of Brooklyn, NY was formed back in 1981. This duo has many hits including ‘Friends, One Love’ and more. They were on the first Fresh Fest Tour which toured the world in the early 80’s with 1990’s hip hop hall of famers Run-D.M.C.

The Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys were a game changing group that featured Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA. They were originally punk rockers but made the transition to hip hop in the early 80’s. They signed to Def Jam Records and had many hits and toured with a who’s who of hip hop. They also opened for Madonna, Fishbone, and were part of the Raising Hell Tour with Run-D.M.C. and LL Cool J. They have a long body of work and are also Rock n Roll Hall of famers.

The U.S. Girls

This female group of all stars called the ‘U.S. Girls’ were featured in the movie Beat Street. This group was formed by Sha Rock who was a member of The Funky Four 4 +1 that were on sugar hill records, she was also part of the first hip hop group on national television when the group performed on Saturday Night Live. Lisa Lee is one of the first female MC’s as she was part of The Cosmic Force crew and recorded Zulu Throw Down with them in 1979. She was also featured in the movie Wild Style. Debbie D played with DJ Wanda Dee as a duo, and was later also part of the Juice Crew All Stars with the legendary Marley Marl.

The DJ’s

Lovebug Starski
First up is Lovebug Starski who is one of the pioneering DJ’s. He also rocked the mic as he DJ’ed on the turntables. He is credited with coining the word hip hop. Lovebug Starski was also a DJ at the iconic Disco Fever hip hop venue in the Bronx, and has recorded many records including “Live At The Fever”.

DJ Jazzy Jay

DJ Jazzy Jay began DJ’ing in the early days of hip hop with Afrika Bambaataa. Jazzy Jay recorded with his group The Jazzy 5. He also performed at clubs dowtown such as The Roxy. He also produced Def Jam Records' first single “It's Yours” with Rick Rubin featuring T La Rock. He also had his own company Strong City Records.

DJ Wanda Dee

DJ Wanda Dee started her career in the Bronx and appeared in the movie Beat Street. She also began a singing career and had a successful career as “The Voice of KLF” with numerous hit records.

B-Boys/Girls And Dance:

The Lockers

The dance group for the 2017 class features the L.A based group formed in the early 1970’s called ‘The Lockers’. Their iconic members included founder Don Campbellock, Toni Basil, Fred “Mr Penguin” Berry, Greg “Campbellock Jr” Pope, Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones, Slim the Robot and Flukey Luke. This group performed so many T.V shows throughout the 70’s including Saturday Night Live, Soul Train and many other variety shows of the time. Shabba-Doo went on to star in the Breakin’ movies, Fred Berry went on to star in What’s Happenin’ TV show as ‘Re-Run’, and Toni Basil went on to be a singer and choreographer with the hit single “Hey Mickey”. The locking phenomenon spurred a whole new style later named ‘Pop-Lockin’ or ‘Poppin’ a dance trademark of the West whose style was even adopted by Michael Jackson.

Hip Hop Fashion:

Daniel ‘Dapper-Dan’ Day

Known as the fashion outlaw! He was the first who recognized the importance of brands, and restyled luxury brands to fit the cool style of hip hop music & culture from its earliest days. His Dapper Dan Boutique on 125th street in Harlem lasted 10 years before his styles were envied and shut down by the lawyers of his competitors. Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim, KRS-One, LL Cool J, were among the many hip hop all stars who came to Mr. Day to be styled in one of a kind outfits and styled retrofits of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and MCM that were worked into jackets, coats, hats, belts, suits, and car interiors that have made hip hop history in videos around the world!

Classic Hip Hop Movies & Producers

Harry Belafonte Producer and Beat Street The Movie

Mr. Harry belafonte and the movie Beat Street which he produced is being archived in the HHHOF. Mr. Belafonte's worldwide career has spanned from the 1940’s over 60 years as an award-winning singer, actor, producer, and political, and human rights activist. He has helped open doors for people of color with dignity and grace. Beat Street was one of the first hip hop movies to hit the big screen in theaters telling an authentic hip hop story with some real life hip hop Hall of Fame characters covering the elements of hip hop culture from DJs, B-Boys/Girls battles, grafitti painting, to the MC’s rapping spurring the music & culture forward into the mainstream society around the world.

Classic Hip Hop Venue

Sal Abbatiello and the Disco Fever

Sal Abbatiello was the owner of the legendary Disco Fever Club in the Bronx. The Disco Fever Club opened its doors to hip hop in the mid 1970’s. The Fever was home to Lovebug Starski, Junebug , Sweet G and many others. On any given night it was a who’s who of hip hop royalty in the building. People came from everywhere to see what was hot and how to get down. Sal went on to manage other groups in the dance/freestyle genre and still promotes many hip hop and freestyle shows as well charity events such as his celebrity soft ball games.

Classic Record Labels & Promotions

Mike & Dave Records & Promotions

Harlem’s own Mike and Dave Records & Show Promotions featured brothers Mixmaster Mike and Disco Dave who promoted parties throughout NYC. They later expanded to Long Island, Upstate New York, Jersey and Connecticut. This duo also formed their own record label putting out the first records of The Crash Crew, The Boogie Boys ‘Fly Girl’, and Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock to name a few.

Bobby Robinson and Enjoy Records

Bobby Robinson and Enjoy Records started putting out hip hop records in 1979 with recordings by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, Funky 4 +1, Treacherous 3 and many others. Enjoy Records helped spawn hip hop music & culture around the world.

Ms. Sylvia robinson and Sugar Hill Records

Ms. Slyvia Robinson who some have called ‘the mother of hip hop’ was a legendary R&B soul songtress of ‘Pillow Talk’ who as CEO launched Sugar Hill Records as the first major hip hop label with a big world wide hit that opened doors to hip hop on radio, TV, and touring ‘Rappers Delight’ performed by The Sugarhill Gang. this label’s roster includes Furious 5 who later recorded the iconic ‘The Message’ still one of the greatest songs ever. The label also had all female MC Trio The Sequence a 2014 hip hop Hall Of Fame inductee, Spoonie G, The Sugar Hill Gang and many more.

Hip Hop Photography

Joe Conzo ‘Born In The Bronx’

Joe Conzo has been taking pictures of hip hop since its early days. He has been titled the man who took hip hop’s baby pictures. Mr. Conzo Is also an author with book “Born In The Bronx”. He was the principal photographer of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers and chronicled their journey in rap battles, shows, concerts, and tours. His work is now held at the Cornell Hip Hop Archives.

This concludes the 2017 Class of The Official Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum to be Inducted on Friday September 15, 2017 at 8pm in New York City at The United Palace Theater. Tickers On-sale now at Http://HipHopHoF.Org ‘Where Hip Hop Music & Culture History Lives’! For more information on the Awards Show to RSVP, Media Interviews, and Sponsorships contact Paul, JT, or Yoda at (347) 709-2185 or by email at


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