ROK Mobile’s Co-Founder, Billionaire John Paul DeJoria, to give his Fortune Away to Homeless Veterans Through ROK Mobile’s ‘Veterans Helping Veterans’ program - #Vets2Vets

ROK Mobile launches pilot program to donate FREE Mobile Service and Select Personal and Health Benefits for the 1,200 Homeless Veterans in Greater Los Angeles Area

LOS ANGELES, July 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROK Mobile announced today the launch of the “Veterans Helping Veterans” (#Vets2Vets) initiative where ROK Mobile will be giving away mobile and telemedicine services to approx. 50,000 homeless veterans throughout the United States. The #Vets2Vets program, which has two phases, will start with the pilot launch donating FREE mobile service to the 1,200 homeless veterans within Greater Los Angeles in August 2017.

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This comes on the heels of the release of billionaire John Paul DeJoria’s recent documentary “Good Fortune,” which chronicles John Paul DeJoria’s own journey from being a homeless veteran (twice) to the billionaire founder of Paul Mitchell Systems, Patrón Tequila and now ROK Mobile. John Paul DeJoria’s philanthropic dynamics drive his philosophy of doing good by giving away his fortune in ways that empower those who need it most. This has been the core of all his business endeavors. 

The pilot program, which ROK Mobile launches in August, will focus on the initial fulfillment for the 1,200 veterans in the Greater Los Angeles area with a national target roll-out in Q4. The long term #Vets2Vets program is designed to reward our military veterans for supporting their less fortunate veteran brothers and sisters. For every 2 veterans who move their mobile service to ROK Mobile, ROK will give a homeless veteran phone service in addition to a life benefit package consisting of 24/7 telemedicine care and a discount prescription package. These benefits and the phone service will remain free as long as veterans contribute to this program – which will be a very long time.

ROK Mobile will sustain and grow this initiative through a give-back program by donating a portion of each new U.S. veteran subscriber’s monthly bill. The funds will be directly deposited into an account that will pay for all current services to homeless veterans and help expand the program throughout the country. This will help to alleviate the burden from homeless veterans who worry everyday that their pre-paid phone plans will run out, effectively cutting them off from their family and the outside world.

What will homeless veterans get in this ROK Mobile FREE plan?

  • Mobile Talk & Text service (*details)
  • 24/7 Telemedicine access
  • Discount pharmacy plan

ROK Mobile Co-Founder John Paul DeJoria commented, “I know first-hand what it is like to be homeless, have nothing and feel forgotten. Now it’s time I reach back and lift some of my brothers out of the same place I once was in. It is important to me that we give back, especially to those who have fought for our freedom, safety and our right to the pursuit of happiness. As part of my good fortune philosophy, I want to reach out to those who have suffered tremendously for our country and help to ease their burden in any way I can.”

ROK Mobile’s Chairman and Co-Founder Jonathan Kendrick commented, “We are building this program because it’s imperative that we help out our veterans as they have helped all of us enjoy the freedoms of this amazing country.”

If you are a veteran organization and want to help support this program please contact Matthew Bird at or 646.248-7676 for more details on strategic partnership.

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