Kaminario Announces New Class of All-flash Storage Solutions Based on NVMe

Kaminario K2.N and Kaminario Flex provide a composable storage infrastructure delivering increased performance, scalability and extreme agility for private cloud environments

NEEDHAM, Mass., Aug. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaminario, a leading all-flash storage company, today announced two new products – Kaminario K2.N™ and Kaminario Flex™.  K2.N is an extension of Kaminario’s all-flash array platform leveraging the high performance of emerging NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technologies and Flex is a platform for managing and orchestrating composable storage infrastructure.

“SaaS businesses and on-demand applications are driving the need for cloud-scale data center infrastructure optimized for advanced analytics, dynamic workloads and user experience,” said Eyal David, chief technology officer, Kaminario. “Modern IT organizations are seeking storage solutions that can be optimized for specific applications while delivering the flexibility of the public cloud. K2.N and Flex leverage emerging NVMe technologies to deliver both increased performance and a new level of scalability and flexibility.”

Kaminario was recently recognized by Gartner for achieving the highest score for Online Transaction Processing, Analytics and High Performance Computing. These new offerings build on Kaminario’s established technology while leveraging the vast potential of NVMe and NVMe over Fabric (NVMeF).

Kaminario K2.N: an end-to-end, NVMe-based, all-flash array solution leveraging proven enterprise-class software architecture and data services.

K2.N is a true scale-out, active-active storage array with NVMe drives and a backend based on converged ethernet and NVMeF. K2.N supports NVMeF, fibre channel and iSCSI front-end connections. Powered by key enhancements to Kaminario VisionOS™, K2.N supports the same set of enterprise-class data services as K2 Gen6, Kaminario’s sixth generation all-flash array platform. This includes industry-leading data reduction and native data protection features.

K2.N is comprised of controller nodes called c.nodes and media nodes (i.e. JBOF) called m.nodes that are connected via a shared NVMeF fabric. When customers purchase two or more c.nodes and any number of m.nodes, they can create a truly active-active, scale-out storage cluster with a shared data reduction space. The K2.N delivers new levels of shared storage flexibility without compromising on enterprise-class data services.

Additional features include:

  • No constraints on the ratio between c.nodes and m.nodes. With different types of c.nodes and m.nodes available, customers see optimized performance and capacity, and can scale their infrastructure according to business needs.
  • The K2.N is optimized for leveraging the low-latency NVMe interconnect delivering performance increases of more than 2x and performance density increases up to 4x.
  • Collaborative development with leading hardware technology suppliers including AIC, Broadcom, Brocade, Intel, Mellanox and Supermicro.

Kaminario Flex: software platform for managing and orchestrating composable storage infrastructure

Kaminario Flex is a storage orchestration platform for managing K2.N resources. K2.N together with Flex deliver enhanced operational efficiency and organizational agility. Customers will dynamically configure K2.N resources through the Flex dashboard, creating virtual private arrays (VPAs). VPAs have the same performance and capabilities as traditional arrays but can be dynamically scaled out or up at the orchestration layer – with no physical reconfiguration. The composable storage paradigm offers unique advantages over traditional array based architectures in building cloud-scale, shared storage infrastructure. Additional features include:

  • Seamless integration with VisionOS management utilities and the Kaminario Clarity™ cloud-based analytics environment.
  • A rich set of APIs for integration with application layer, data center orchestration, automation and ITIL software platforms.

Kaminario believes that Flex and K2.N will form a completely new paradigm for managing shared storage resources. Individual arrays supporting different applications and business units draw from a shared resource pool on a shared fabric. New availability models emerge as hardware failures can be detected, replaced and provisioned all within the software. New tiering models materialize with the ability to dynamically move data from one tier to another with no physical reconfiguration. Performance sensitive analytics workloads can borrow additional controller compute to manage surge requirements and then return to the pool when no longer needed. 


K2.N will be available in Q1 2018. K2 will continue to be sold alongside K2.N through 2018 and beyond as the premium on NVMe based hardware technologies erodes.  Kaminario Flex will be available in 2H 2018.

Quotes from industry analysts

“For an increasing number of real-time big data analytics and extremely high performance database environments, NVMe technology is already needed to meet latency, throughput, and/or bandwidth requirements.  But Kaminario’s application of this technology to also offer composability with very high speed data mobility is an NVMe use case that is much more broadly applicable to a larger variety of workloads today,” said Eric Burgener, research director for Storage, IDC. 

“Kaminario’s K2.N demonstrates how fast the storage industry moves, just a year after the standardization of NVMe over fabrics K2.N leverages NVMEoF’s to create an ultra-low latency scalable storage fabric. Since K2.N extends Kaminario VisionOS to support NVMEoF customers don’t have to choose between networked NVMe’s performance and data services as they would with many of the startup’s more limited or proprietary systems. With the addition of Kaminario Flex, K2.N will become a completely composable system allowing users to orchestrate controllers and NVMe JBOF storage dynamically into virtual arrays for almost unlimited flexibility and efficiency,” said Howard Marks, founder and chief scientist, Deepstorage.net.

“Kaminario has demonstrated leadership in leveraging NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics. The advancement of the software-defined K2 powered by VisionOS, now with NVMe SSDs, unified NVMe over fabrics, a new orchestration, automation and analytics layer is the Composable Storage of the future. K2.N and Flex will bring the agility of infrastructure-as-a-service environments coupled with extreme performance of shared accelerated storage to private- and hybrid-cloud data centers,” said Ben Woo, principal analyst, Infrastructure & the Cloud for Neuralytix.

Quotes from collaborating technology partners

“We are proud to be chosen as the hardware partner for Kaminario K2.N and Kaminario Flex,” said Michael Liang, chief executive officer, AIC. “Kaminario’s unique software architecture unleashes the full capabilities of AIC’s HA202I-PH, a 2U all-NVMe flash array dual-node server platform, accelerating its performance and activating its support of high-availability.”

“Broadcom is pleased to partner with Kaminario on their new K2.N product line with our industry leading RoCE enabled NetXtreme Ethernet NICs and Storage SoCs,” said Dan Harding vice president of Marketing, Compute and Connectivity Division, Broadcom. “The combination of our products provides Kaminario with scalability for storage back end utilizing NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeF).”

“NVMe is the next evolution in high performance flash storage,” said Jack Rondoni, senior vice president  of Storage Networking, Brocade. “Brocade is excited to work with Kaminario and the K2.N to showcase the capability of NVMe over Fibre Channel for our joint customers who demand the best performance, highest availability and most scalable infrastructure for their growing application requirements.”

“The new Kaminario K2.N flash storage array leverages our RoCE technology in concert with Mellanox’s end-to-end Ethernet solutions,” said John Kim, director of Storage Marketing, Mellanox Technologies. “Our Ethernet solution provides hardware acceleration for RoCE and NVMe-oF and unlocks the maximum performance of networked flash storage.”

“As the leader in all-flash NVMe system technology, Supermicro is pleased to be working closely with Kaminario on their NVMe-based all-flash storage solutions,” said Don Clegg, vice president of Worldwide Business Development, Supermicro.  “With over 100 NVMe based platforms in our X11 server and storage portfolio, Supermicro continues to push the innovation envelope for NVMe technology by developing systems with increasingly higher density and faster performance.”

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