Premier Exhibitions and StoryTech Immersive To Partner on 2018 Expedition to RMS TITANIC

Companies Plan to Film the Wreck Site, Gather Data, And Produce a First-of-its-Kind, Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

ATLANTA, Sept. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, RMS Titanic, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (OTCQB:PRXIQ), and StoryTech® Immersive, a global leader in virtual reality storytelling, announced that they have executed a letter of intent to partner on an expedition to the wreck of the RMS TITANIC. The two companies are developing the dive plan for the 2018 expedition which will include research objectives and exclusive plans to film the wreck site in virtual reality, thereby virtually preserving the site in its present condition for posterity, and perhaps, the retrieval of specific artifacts. The companies will also collaborate to produce a virtual reality documentary film for distribution on multiple platforms. The film will become the most immersive, story-driven, cinematic experience ever created about the ship, her passengers and their fate.

RMS Titanic Inc., the exclusive Salvor-in-Possession of the Titanic wreck site, and StoryTech Immersive have already begun assembling an unmatched team of experts to join with them in this upcoming expedition including undersea salvage experts TR Launay, Swire Seabed, and Dave Gallo. Gallo, an oceanographer who currently serves as a senior advisor to RMS Titanic Inc., led the successful international effort to locate Air France flight 447 after its disappearance in the mid-Atlantic in 2009, and co-led the last expedition to Titanic in 2010. Award winning filmmakers Connor Hair and Alex Meader of Perception2 the team behind StoryTech Immersive’s cinematic VR Film “My Brother’s Keeper”, produced for PBS Digital Studios, will co-write and co-direct the documentary. The companies are currently in conversation with a number of media companies that have expressed interest in joining as content and distribution partners.

“For over thirty years, RMS Titanic Inc. has led expeditions to explore and image the Titanic wreck site, to conduct scientific mapping operations, and to recover and preserve artifacts that together are a powerful way to share the true story of the ship and the people that sailed aboard her,” said Dave Gallo, Director of Strategic Initiatives for RMS Titanic, Inc. “In 2010 we created the first high resolution map of the entire Titanic wreck site.  In 2018 we will go one step further to virtually raise Titanic and to better understand the ongoing deterioration of the ship over time.” According to Gallo, “no company has done more over time to document and understand the Titanic wreck site, and to share that understanding with the public at large than RMS Titanic Inc.”

RMS Titanic Inc.’s artifact exhibitions, which include Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, have been seen by over 25 million people worldwide.

Brian Seth Hurst, Founder and Chief Storyteller, StoryTech Immersive, said, “there are few stories in the annals of history that capture the hearts and minds of people around the world like Titanic and our mission is to use technology to bring the untold stories to life in a way that has never been done before.” Hurst continued, “We are honored and privileged that RMS Titanic, Inc. intends to work with us on this expedition and we are committed to upholding its exemplary standards in the respectful treatment of this precious site.”

The specific details of the expedition announced today, including the possible recovery of artifacts, are subject to the execution of a binding agreement between the companies, and will be subject to review and approval of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division.

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