Wavefront trade mission introduces Canadian companies to agri-tech markets in Mexico & Colombia

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre Society (Wavefront), a Centre of Excellence with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, announced that five Canadian tech companies are taking part in a market linkages trip to explore business opportunities in the agricultural technology (agri-tech) sector in Mexico and Colombia.  

Taking place September 11-15, the trip is hosted by Wavefront, in partnership with Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service. Participating companies will take part in business-to-business meetings with growers, processors and shippers of agricultural products as well as prospective distribution partners and system integrators.  

Following a nationwide search, these five companies were selected to take part in the trip: 

  • ICICLE: Burton Software Inc.’s cloud-based solution helps food industry clients generate food safety documents and comply with increasing regulatory demands. 
  • Croptracker: Croptracker’s record keeping and operational management systems help make food production safer, more efficiency and more profitable. 
  • Ecoation: For greenhouse growers of high value crops, Ecoation provides the earliest possible detection of pests, disease and deficiencies.  
  • Sendum: Sendum provides a real-time tracking and monitoring solution that helps shippers know where their cargo is and that it’s being handled safely. 
  • TechMist: TechMist develops powerful, non-chemical cleaning and disinfection systems for agriculture.  

Wavefront’s Global Market Entry Program helps Canadian mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) companies explore new global markets through market linkage trips to countries around the globe. These bespoke trips are focused on a specific sub-sector of the wireless industry and custom tailored for a small, select group of Canadian companies.  

“The companies on this trip have innovative, proven solutions for the agriculture industry,” says Brian Roberts, Vice President, Global Services with Wavefront. “We believe the face-to-face meetings that take place will help them tap into significant global market opportunities.” 

Wavefront has taken more than 230 Canadian companies to 35 countries since 2009; companies accessing Wavefront programs report increasing foreign sales by 47%.  

Wavefront is planning Global Market Entry trips to Germany & The Netherlands (Smart Manufacturing), Washington D.C. (Smart Cities) and Taiwan & Japan (Smart Manufacturing) and Smart Retail in the Pacific Northwest later this year. Find out more at wavefront.ca. 

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