K-Laser Proven Effective for Treating Diabetic Neuropathy and Chemo-related Neuropathies

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla., Sept. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Approved by the U.S. FDA in 2005, the Class IV K-Laser utilizes pre-determined wavelengths of near-infrared and red light to increase circulation and decrease pain, swelling and inflammation indicative of neuropathies. Following a series of successful clinical trials, the FDA further cleared K-Laser therapy for facilitating repair and regeneration of damaged tissue due to the laser's ability to draw nutrients, oxygen and water into inflamed soft tissues. Proponents of K-Laser therapy Drs. Danielle and Roy Clarke of Beyond Chiropractic in Altamonte Springs, FL have been successfully using K-Laser technology as an alternative to surgery and pain medications when treating symptoms of neuropathy, specifically diabetic neuropathy and chemo-related neuropathy.

Neuropathy Response to K-Laser Therapy

Disorders of the nervous system and/or nerve damage may cause neuropathic pain, a type of burning, shooting pain often severe and chronic. Diabetic neuropathy arises when high blood glucose levels erode the integrity of nerves and blood vessels. People receiving chemotherapy may also suffer peripheral neuropathy when taking powerful, anti-carcinogenic medications. Although chemotherapy is essential for eradicating cancer cells and tumors, it can have a medically negative affect on nerves connecting the spinal cord to organs, skin and muscles. 

A type of biomodifying laser energy, K-Laser increases cellular metabolic activity while improving transport of nutrients in and out of a cell's membrane. By triggering production of ATP (a chemical necessary for cell health), K-Laser works to relieve nerve inflammation, reduce neuropathic pain and facilitate blood flow throughout the affected area. In addition, ongoing clinical research shows the K-Laser to be a safe and effective therapeutic modality treatment for diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-related neuropathy and many other chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, Bell's Palsy and plantar fasciitis.

Drs. Danielle and Roy Clarke of Beyond Chiropractic offer K-Laser therapy for treating nervous and musculoskeletal disorders. Located at 460 E Altamonte Dr. in Altamonte Springs, FL, Beyond Chiropractic can be reached by calling 407-261-1001.